99% of Guys Blush When Asked This Question (4 Face-Reddening Questions)

Have you seen a guy blush?

I’m not talking about a little smile or smirk on the face. I mean a full-blown blush with the red cheek and all.

Many girls would answer No.


Because guys hardly blush.

Generally speaking, guys tend to blush less frequently, or better put, they almost never blush.

This is because they are quite good at keeping their emotions in check so that no matter what teasers you through them, it just seems to fall on deaf ears.

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Meanwhile, they can make you blush, easily.

It doesn’t seem fair, does it? If they can get you to blush, you should also be able to do the same.

Truth it, you can do it. You can make a guy blush by just asking the right question that will provoke enough shyness or awkwardness to get him blushing.

The good thing is, you need not go through the rigors of composing a blushable question (you can do so later if you wish).

In this article, I will share four questions which have stood the test of time in making guys blush. Yeah, questions they just can’t answer without getting all red in the face.

And as a bonus, I will also teach you how you can make use of your brains to come up with a question which is sure to get any guy blushing, so you can create and add more questions to your belt which can come in handy when getting him to blush over and over and over 🥰.

So sit tight, you’re about to be served your killer questions straight from the oven.

Before dishing out any of them, let’s first understand this blushing and how possible it is for guy to do so.

Guys Blush When Asked a Question: How Possible

The idea of a guy blushing might seem like an almost impossible, or even impossible one for some.

Many feel that guys don’t blush simply because they lack the ability to do so.

The truth is, guys can blush. Both men and women have the ability to blush.

Blushing isn’t some feminine characteristic only girls can achieve. It’s a natural physiological response to certain emotional triggers.

Thus, it is not tied to any particular gender. Both guys and girls can blush provided they get enough emotions to trigger the action.

One of the best ways to achieve that is by asking a question which would get them to feel the emotions necessary to trigger a blush.

But what could possibly make them blush to a question?

What Makes a Guy Blush to a Question?

There are several reasons why a guy might blush to a question.

Different feelings cause people to blush, and guys are not an exception. A guy might find himself blushing if he feels:

  • Shy
  • Embarrassed
  • Attracted to
  • Flattered
  • Awkward

Generally speaking, a sense of emotional exposure or vulnerability will naturally trigger a blush in a guy, without him even knowing.

Thus, if you can say the right thing at the right time, you’re sure to get him blushing real bad.

4 Killer Questions That Make 99% of Guys Blush

Alright, here we are. Learning the golden questions that’s sure to get almost any guy to blush.

Among the numerous questions girls have experimented with, seven questions have somehow, stood out to be the best, making 99% of guys blush without even thinking twice about it.

And you know what it means when they say something works 99% of time right? Oftentimes, we just use that number when we don’t want to sound too braggy, otherwise, we’ll just say the truth – 100%.

So, with these four amazing questions under your belt, you’ll pretty much have a 100% success rate in getting any guy to blush, as long as you’re not dealing with a statue.

Let’s go to the main deal. Here are seven questions to which 99% of guys blush when asked:

1. “Do you have a crush on someone?”

You remember when we spoke about shyness right? And how it makes people blush.

Asking a guy if he has a crush on someone will definitely cause him shyness. A lot of it.


He does have a crush on someone. Truth be told, we all do.

But that’s not the cause of the shyness.

Giving you an answer is.

He knows that if he answers yes, which is the honest response, you’ll probe him further, asking who it is.

He wouldn’t want to tell you who it is for obvious reasons. And so, he finds himself in a kinda tough spot, an emotionally awkward one.

Just maintain your eye contact as he racks his brain. Soon enough, the face’ll go red.

2. “What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone?”

This question will get every guy shy and probably embarassed when asked by a girl.

The moment you ask a guy this question, his mind would immediately travel through numerous scenes in the past where he has attempted to be romantic to a girl.

The ones which worked as expected, those which didn’t, the ones which earned him a slap, they’ll all go return to memory.

He’ll definitely get shy as those thoughts play through to his mind, and even more shy when he realize he’s going to let it out to you.

Of he doesn’t blush immediately, trust me, he’ll do so while narrating an experience.

Maintain a curious and excited composure as he answers your question and you’re sure to keep him blushing all through.

3. “Do you think I’m attractive?”

Time to bring yourself into the equation.

Asking him if he thinks you’re attractive will most likely come as a surprise to him.

And probably for the first time, he’ll closely examine you to see how attractive you are.

But that’s not entirely what’ll cause him to blush.

Like the first question, giving you an answer will be the motivating factor for him to blush.

Though guys can easily tell a girl she’s beautiful without giving way to any unnecessary emotion, this usually happens when they’re prepared for it.

When you throw him the question of whether he thinks you’re attractive or not, he’ll suddenly find himself having to tell you you’re beautiful without any preparation!

Unless you’re having a chat with a Shaolin monk, he’s sure to blush when you ask this question.

4. “Are you in love with me?”

This is the fourth, and perhaps most effective question you can ask a guy to make him blush.

Now you might be thinking, Hell no, I can’t ask a guy such question. It’s like a proposal!

Well, it’s only a proposal if you choose to make it one.

What I mean is, you should just march down to him and start asking him if he loves you. You chip it into an already ongoing conversation at a right time.

When discussing something related to love and relationships, you might find an opportunity to ask him, perhaps when he says something romantic about you.

Like the other questions, he’ll suddenly find himself in a tough spot as he’s bombarded with a variety of feelings.

He’s sure to get shy and blush as he gives you a response.

Another advantage of this question is that apart from getting him to blush, you’ll also get a chance to get into his mind and get to know how he feels about you.

Who knows, he might confess his feelings for you and it could be the start of something big.

How to Compose a Question That’s Sure to Make Him Blush

While you’re free to use any of the above questions, you may find four questions insufficient for you.

In such a case, you’ll have to compose your question that’ll work for the purpose.

How do you achieve that?

Here are some tips to help you compose a blushable question for a guy:

  1. Get him shy: Ensure your question is designed in such a way that he’ll get shy when thinking of or giving you an answer. This will often cause him to blush as a reaction.
  2. Flatter him: Design your question in such a way that he gets flattered by it. There’s a higher probability he’ll get shy when he gets some boost of his ego.
  3. Make it open-ended: Don’t ask a rhetorical question or one which he might interprete as rhetorical or not necessary to be answered. Compose a question he’s expected to answer to keep the conversation going.
  4. Make it tally with the environment: Ensure your question tallies well with the environment. This will prevent it from being too awkward and prompt him to give an answer.
  5. Be respectful: Ensure your question is respectful and do not pry into private matters in his life. This will prevent him from shying away from giving an answer.


Getting a guy to blush might seem like an overwhelming task when you don’t know what to tell him to get that reaction. However, with the questions provided in this article, you’ll be all set to make any guy get a red face with ease.

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