Can a Guy Get Hard When Drunk? And Why’s It Difficult For Some?

The relationship between alcohol and sexual performance has been a subject of curiosity and concern for many.

When it comes to the question of whether a guy can get and maintain an erection while under the influence of alcohol, there is no simple answer.

It’s a question which has been answered differently by different people based on their individual experiences and opinions.

This article will provide a detailed insight to this topic so you can have a clear understanding of its possibility and well as the factors affecting it.

Can a Guy Get Hard When Drunk?

Yes, it is possible for a guy to get hard when drunk.

Though there may be a difference in the quality and reliability of the erection when drunk, alcohol does not stop him from getting an erection anyway.

Different factors including the amount of alcohol consumed and individual difference can affect the quality of the erection as we’ll soon see.

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Does Alcohol Make it Harder for a Guy to Get Hard?

Not necessarily. Various factors come together to determine how easy or difficult it will be for a guy drunk in alcohol to get hard.

Generally speaking, people get more horny when drunk. This will, on a normal day, make it easier to get an erection.

However, alcohol has other effects on the body which can make it more difficult for a guy to achieve a quality erection.

Alcoholic Effects on Erection

The physiological, psychological, and dose-dependent effects of alcohol can cause a distortion in the erectile process in a guy.

  • Physiological effects: Being a depressant, alcohol can impair the body’s nervous system and make him less sensitive to sexual stimulation.
  • Psychological effects: Taking alcohol in a large quantity can cause anxiety and impaired thinking which can harder to get aroused and hard as usual.
  • Dose-dependent effects: Heavy drinking of alcohol can result in a temporary or long-term erectile dysfunction commonly referred to as brewer’s droop or whiskey dick.


In conclusion, it is possible for a guy to get hard when drunk. However, the alcohol can cause various physiological and psychological effects on him, making it less easier for him to get and maintain an erection.

In the case of an alcohol-induced erectile dysfunction, medical help should be seeked immediately. Intake of alcohol should also be reduced as well. This will help maintain a healthy sex life as well as an overall good health.

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