Can Guys Smell When a Girl Is On Her Period?

If there’s one thing girls are very good at keeping a secret from others, it’s their monthly period. No one would even suspect it’s there.

Apart from the usual hygiene routine, they also do that to prevent people, especially guys, to sense they’re on their period, perhaps by perceiving it.

While that might seem impossible to many, some girls hold it that guys can smell when a girl is on her period. Some girls even say a guy or two have at some point, smelt they’re on their period.

Is that really true? Can guy really tell when a girl is ovulating by their sense of smell?

This article will provide the answer to this question which has probed the mind of many girls for a long time.

Guys Smelling a Girl’s Period – How Possible?

When the issues of guys being able to smell a girl on her period is brought up, the first question girls usually ask is, How is that possible?

It kind of give them a level of relaxation when they reason that a menstruating girl has no distinct odor and thus, cannot be pinpointed be sense of smell.

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Well, it’s possible.

It’s very possible for a guy, or anyone else, to smell and accurately tell when a girl is on her period.

You’re probably wondering how?

That’s because, contrary to what many girls think, a girl on her period does produce a smell, a distinct one.

The Distinct Period Smell

In case you don’t know, period blood isn’t all regular blood. It usually contains a higher amount of iron that the regular blood.

And as it exists the vagina, it may take some bacteria along with it as well.

This combination gives period blood it’s distinctive small – somewhat metallic, and at times, and a tad fishy smell.
Maintaining a proper hygiene while menstruating can help alleviate almost all that smell, but that does not guarantee a completely odorless body afterwards.

A very little of that smell can still linger and be picked up by anyone with a highly sensitive sense of smell if they come close enough.

Can Guys Smell When a Girl Is On Her Period?

A guy who has a highly sensitive sense of smell and knows the smell of period blood might smell a girl on her period if he comes close enough.

Of course, this doesn’t mean he can just walk down the street and point out girls on their period as they walk by. He would often need to sit or stand close to her before he’ll get a chance to tell they’re menstruating.

This is most common among guys who hang around girls a lot. They may have subconsciously taken note of the distinct smell of period blood and once they perceive it elsewhere, they’ll know what it is.

It is quite rare to come across these folks though. Most guys would hardly tell a menstruating girl no matter how close they get.

Can This Be Avoided?

Uhmm, yeah, maybe.

Maintaining proper hygiene while menstruating will go a long way to prevent any smell from escaping and getting to the nostrils of others.

This is not a guarantee though.

The thing is, if someone has a highly sensitive sense of smell, he may still perceive it no matter the level of hygiene maintained.

You need not worry much though, most guys won’t mention it of they happen to smell your period. They realize that it’s embarrassing and would just ignore it like they never smelt anything.


In conclusion, some guys, not all, can smell when a girl is on her period. They may have at some point in their lives, taken note of how it smells and subconsciously kept it in memory.

Thus, whenever they perceive it, they may recognize it immediately.

Good thing is, guys are cool beings and I bet they won’t tell it to anyone. In fact, it’s often out of their mind the moment you part ways.

They care less about who’s menstruating and when they do that, and so you get to enjoy the rest of your day knowing your secret is in good hands.

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