How Do Guys Feel When Their Girlfriend Is on Her Period

When a girl is on her period, many things run through her boyfriend’s mind. He may not let his feelings out, but they’re there. A whole lot of them.

This isn’t a surprising fact for many girls.

Many girls do observe a change in demeanor and behavior in their boyfriend while seeing their monthly period, especially when they battle with menstrual pains.

As they observe his mood changes, they often can’t help but wonder what exactly is going on through those sober mind of his.

Several feelings could be going through your boyfriend’s mind as you go through your period cycle.

In this article, I will outline some of the most common feelings guys experience when their girlfriend is on her period.

How Do Guys Feel When Their Girlfriend Is on Her Period?

Guys typically have a number of feelings as they watch their girlfriend go through their period thing. Here are some common ways a guy may feel while his girlfriend is on her period:

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1. He may be confused

Yeah, you heard me right. One of the most common feeling a guy might experience as his girlfriend go through their period is confusion.

Not all men are knowledgeable about menstruation and how it affects girls.

As most girls tend not to discuss the topic of period with guys, he may have little or no knowledge of what it feels like. It’s a mystery to him.

Whenever their girlfriend is on her period, they just can’t help but wonder what exactly she’s going through and what effect it has on her.

2. He feels concern for her

Guys also feel concern whenever their girlfriend sees her period, too much of it sometimes.

Though the pains which comes with a period may be not too severe and endurable, the thought of a bleeding vagina often makes it seem excruciatingly painful to a guy.

This makes guys very concerned about their girlfriend’s welfare when she sees her period.

In response, they may take various steps to make her as comfortable as possible during her period.

3. He might feel helpless

Though he may take practical steps to help his girlfriend during her period, he might still feel helpless about the situation.

This is because no matter how much they try to offer help and comfort, they still can’t get that pain away, or even reduce it a bit.

That sense of helplessness can be really frustrating for most guys.

4. He is exercising patience

One of the attributes guys exercise while their girlfriend is on her period is patience.

Menstrual period has a lot of effects on the behavior of a girl including mood swings and increased irritability.

While their girlfriend goes through all that, the guys have to exercise a lot of patience with her and bear with her behavior.

They are aware that her emotions are out of her control and thus, maintain patience and understanding more than she may even realize.

5. He feels respect for her

When a girl goes through each monthly period, her partner often feels a deep respect for her, whether he voices it or not.

Many men praise women for their ability to go through every monthly flow of blood, endure the pains, maintain a proper hygiene, and still carry out their daily activities so efficiently that no one ever suspects anything’s going on.

Whether they says it or not, every guy gains an extra respect for their partner each time they’re on their period.


A guy may feel a variety of emotions when their girlfriend is on her period. Concern, helplessness, confusion, so many emotions croud up in his mind that it’s often hard to tell them apart.

However, a good guy does his best to support and care for his girlfriend whenever she needs it the most, including during her period.

His understanding and care would help them maintain an even stronger love and affection for each other throughout their relationship.

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