How Do Guys Feel When They Can’t Get It Up?

Sex can be a really great experience for both men and women alike. It’s something couples look forward to a lot.

When it’s finally time for it, there’s this magic that flows as they kiss and cuddle in preparation for the action.

But even at this moment when there’s a burning desire between both partners, the romance can come to a sudden halt, and the joy, disappear within seconds if the man fails to get an erection.

All the passion and excitement within them gradually get lost to be replaced with a couple of soul-draining feelings.

Often, the man tends to be affected the most and experience a wider ramge of feelings, leaving his partner in wonder about how exactly he feels about his problem.

If you recently experienced this kind of situation, you must be curious to know how guys feel when they’re unable to get it up.

This article will outline the common feelings a guy would often experience when he’s unable to get an erection.

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How Do Guys Feel When They Can’t Get It Up?

When a guy finds if difficult is unable to achieve or maintain an erection, it can be a real emotional challenge.

A whole lot of emotions often crowd up in their minds as the reality of their condition hits them once again.

Here are some common emotions guys experience when they’re unable to get it up:

1. Frustration

Frustration is usually the first feeling which hits a guy who experiences an erectile dysfunction.

It is really aggregating when they realize their body’s going against their wish and not responding the way it should.

To make matters worse, there’s nothing they can do to solve the problem. They just feel really frustrated at the situation of things.

2. Embarrassment

A guy will naturally be embarrassed when he is unable to achieve an erection.

He may fear his partner will criticize him for his inability to get it up as aan should.

He knows this is a frustrating and annoying situation for his partner, and he’ll definitely be embarassed he’s the cause of it.

3. Anxiety

Anxiety if frequently association with erectile dysfunction.

A guy who’s unable to achieve maintain an erection might feel anxious about several things including his sexual performance, the impact on the relationship, or whether it will happen again.

This anxiety can stretch into days or even several weeks. And oftentimes, it does nothing but worsen his situation.

4. Guilt

Though the situation is out of their control, some guys may also feel guilty about not being able to satisfy their partner.

Similar to anxiety, this guilty feeling can linger for a long time in their minds.

This can even cause them to avoid making advancements towards their partner for fear they might disappoint them again.

5. Low self-esteem

Some guys may also experience a low self-esteem as a result of their erectile problem.

They might feel they are less masculine and inadequate for a woman.

This feeling can impact their self worth negatively and cause them to think really low about themselves.

6. Anger

Anger is another feeling that can be triggered by erectile dysfunction in guys.

Some guys might get angry whenever they are unable to get hard, especially when it happens too frequently.

They may become angry at themselves, their bodies, or the circumstances that led to ED.


Guys battle with a variety of emotions when they can’t get an erection. From frustration to embarrassment or even guilt, several downcasting emotions can come upon them.

The emotions that result from erectile dysfunction is indeed stressful, but it is not totally helpless.

If couples put in the effort to communicate openly, seek medical advice if necessary, and support each other, they’ll be able to get through this situation without having to deal with numerous challenging emotions.

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