How to Attract Any Guy Using Your Lips Alone: 6 Killer Strategies to Get Him Crushing

You must have been dreaming your whole life if you have never observed a guy staring at your lips while you speak.

You remember a time that happened right? Nice one 👍.

Now try to recall the look on his face as he gazed upon your lips. He must have had that look of awe and perhaps lust as he watched them move every inch.

He’s definitely not the only guy to have done that. A lot of guys (if not all) do so.

Ever asked yourself why? I mean, what exactly is in those lips that’s making them forget they’re in planet earth and getting lost in your mouth?


That’s the funny part of the whole matter. There isn’t really any specific feature of a girl’s lips that’s so alluring to guys. The lips itself is.

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You see, guys are naturally attracted to a girl’s lips. That’s why when a guy have a sweet conversation with a girl or simply come across a pretty girl, among the different angles his eyes bounces to and from is her lips.

Happy you got lips? Don’t be. Yet.

Having a pair of lips and knowing how to use them well are two different things altogether.

And unfortunately, the former isn’t always enough to attract a guy. You’ve got to know how to use it well otherwise you won’t get full results from your beautiful lips.

So, if you’re interested in getting that guy of your dreams falling head over lips for you, adjust your sitting posture to a more comfortable one and let’s dive into some tutorials.

Thankfully, you only need your lips for the project. So you can let your nose and eyes rest, for now.

Preparing Your Lips For the Action

While guys might naturally love girls’ lips, this doesn’t mean they’ll like one which isn’t properly kept.

To heighten your chances of success, you’ll need to ensure your lips are healthy which will in turn make them naturally attractive to anyone who sees them.

If you have always maintained a healthy lips, that’s commendable. You have little to do in that regard.

If however, you know yourself to have a dry, chapped, or not-too-sweet lips, you might have to do some work to make it more healthy.

Here are some steps you can take to achieve a healthier and more beautiful lips:

1. Keep hydrated

Keep hydrated

Keeping hydrated is an easy, but yet effective way of achieving healthy-looking lips.

Dry lips are often caused by dehydration or lack of sufficient water.

So, if you fail to stay hydrated and get a dry, chapped lips in return, you might end up doing the opposite of what you want to do.

And as a plus, you’ll get a better health by staying hydrated. Thus, you win on both sides by drinking enough water.

2. Use a lip scrub

Use a lip scrub

Another way to achieve a healthier lips is to make use of a lip scrub.

In case you’re not familiar with it, a lip scrub is a special exfoliating formula used to achieve more beautiful lips.

It typically consist of two major ingredients: a rich moisturizing emollient and a grainy scrub.

The former moisturizes the skin on the lip while the latter does the scrubbing, getting rid of dead skin cells on the lips to unveil the fresh moisturized lips beneath.

3. Use a lip balm

Use a lip balm

After using a lip scrub, the next step you should take is to apply a lip balm.

A lip balms, or lip salve, will help complete the job started by the scrub. It will give it a better moisturization which lasts longer than the one you got from the scrub.

If you really want a healthy, moist, and attractive lips, I suggest you use a good quality scrub and balm together.

You’ll be sure to achieve a healthier pair of lips afterwards.

4. Use a lip shade

Use a lip shade

The importance of a lip shade cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to attracting guys.

While your lips’ natural color is definitely good on its own, it’ll do no harm to enhance it some more by adding a shade.

Avoid overusing it though. Apply just the right amount to adequately compliment your lips’ skin color.

Don’t just go ahead smearing the shade onto your lips to and fro in a bid to get more attractive.

For better results, ensure you use a shade which matching your skin color.

Using a lip shade is a very effective strategy, one that can pull any guy’s attention more quickly than you expect.

5. Eat lip-enhancing foods

Eat healthily

While proper hydration and lip-enhancing products keeps your lips moist and pretty, good diet will maintain the overall health of your lips.

You need not go order any special dish prepared for better lips (there are none anyway).

All you need is the right selection of foods for a better lip health. Here are some choices you can choose from:

  • Vitamin A-rich foods e.g. Eggs, milk, carrots, spinach, apricots.
  • Vitamin C-rich foods e.g. Orange juice, strawberries, green peppers, citrus fruits, tomatoes, sweet potatoes.
  • Vitamin E-rich foods e.g. Nuts, leafy green vegetables, fortified cereals, vegetable oils.
  • Zinc-rich foods e.g. Oysters, beef, crab, lobster, yogurt etc.

These are all examples of foods you can add to your diet for a better lip appearance. Once your lips are ready, you can then move over to the ways you can attract a guy with them.

6 Ways to Attract a Guy Using Your Lips

In this article, I’ve compiled a total of six different ways you can attract a guy using your lips.

This doesn’t mean you must make use of all six methods at a go like you’re acting a movie. You can just pick a single one you find easier to practice and later progress to others if need be.

You don’t want to exhaust your armoury of lip-moves in a single day or worse still, get your guy freaked out by too many lip twitching.

Alright, enough of the talk. Here are eight ways you can attract a guy using your lips:

1. Smile slowly

Smile slowly

You might be wondering how smiling made it’s way to the first of the list of strategies for attracting a guy with your lipse. We all smile don’t we?

The hack here is to smile slowly.

A lot of girls must have smiled to him that very day already, but his attention might not have been drawn to their lips at all. Doing your at a slower pace will definitely do the trick.

Thus, when you take it slow while smiling to a guy, part of his attention will be drawn to your lips, unlike when you do the usual quick smile.

With your well-treated lips and slow inviting smile, you’re almost certain to get him attracted to you immediately.

And when that happens, do not just stand there flashing an eternal smile. Swing into action and start a conversation so you can get a chance to do another lip trick on the list.

2. Bite your lips

Bite your lips

Lip biting has always been regarded as a seductive gesture. However, you don’t necessarily need to be seducing a guy before you can make use of this move.

You can make use of this effective method to get a guy attracted to you through your lips.

No matter how slowly you smile, some guys might be so shortsighted not to see your lips move. That is where biting can help.

Slowly and gently bite your lower lip with your upper set of tooth. Release it more slowy a few seconds after. This is how you bite your lips to get a guy’s attention to them.

Here are some tips to get maximal results:

  • Only bite your lips in the middle of a conversation with a guy.
  • Target a time when he asks you a question to bite your lips.
  • Break eye contact and look slightly upward while biting your lips to give him a chance to look at them.
  • Finish with a faint chuckle to add some sweet emotion.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to put your teeth and lips to good use and get your guy crushing over you in no time.

3. Touch your lips

Touch your lips

Similar to biting, touching your lips is another effective way to utilize physical contact to draw a guy’s attention to your lips.

The only difference is that your teeth would get to rest while your fingers pick up from here.

To do this, lightly touch or trace your lips with your fingers. This will draw his attention to your lips almost instantly.

Like the biting method, you’ll need to be subtle with this approach. Don’t just lift up your hands, touch your lips, and bring it down suddenly. That’ll be too unsubtle.

Instead, target appropriate points in a conversation such as when he asks a question or while waiting for him to respond to yours.

Then, you can lift up your hand naturally and do the lip trailing during the time interval.

4. Pout your lips

Pout your lips

Pouting your lips is another easy and effective way to attract a guy many girls are unaware of.

Pouting your lips works in two ways: It draws the guy’s attention to it, and it makes them imagine what it feels like to give you a kiss.

As with the others, don’t overdo it. You don’t want to end up scaring him off with a strange duck mouth.

Slightly pout your lips when he speaks. The ideal time to do so is when he jokes about you or says something which you can feign annoyance to.

That will get his eyes to your lips and of course, get the kissy thoughts in action.

You need not give him a kiss though, for now. But if he closes in and you wish, you might just as well kiss 😘.


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5. Keep your face upright

Keep your face upright

Your lips are not the only part of your face you can move. Your face as a whole also have a role to play in getting a guy to observe and love your pretty lips.

Tilting your head slightly upward when speaking with a guy can help do the trick, especially if the guy is slightly taller than you.

This singular action can increase the success rate of the other lip tricks by a large percentage.

Keeping an upright face will portray self-confidence and can make you appear more approachable.

When you combine it with a smile, you’ll get that inviting and engaging look every guy wants to see on a girls face.

6. Glance at his own lips

Look at his lips

He doesn’t have to be the first to admire your lips. You can take the first step by looking at his own lips.

Glance at his lips slowly and suggestively while you speak with each other. Once he notices you looking at his lips, there’s a high probability he’ll do the same, in most cases, unconsciously.

If he should ask why you look at his lips, you can smile playfully and simply say you like his lips.

This is one very efficient way to get a guy attracted to you by getting him to observe his lips.

Just ensure you don’t do it too frequently or he might think you’re desperate to get him.


The lips is a powerful feature in every girl’s face. When used correctly, you can create an alluring and magnetic effect capable of attracting pretty much any guy to you.

Thankfully, it isn’t that complex. All you’ll have to do is to use the necessary products to get your lips healthy and attractive and then, do the necessary actions with them.

So, what are you waiting for, get to action and begin treating your lips in preparation for your next encounter with Mr. Handsome, and when you do, don’t forget what you’ve learnt.

Put into practice the methods in this article and you’ll be all good.

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