How to Easily Get a Nigerian Girl to Sleep With You

When you talk about women and their way of thinking , I must say they vary according to different cultures.

To get laid by a Nigerian girl takes extra ordinary things and trust me it isn’t all about your money or swag.

I have to tell you this, the last girl I got laid cost me less than 500 Naira and I must say we did it many times before I quit and she even begged but I knew I was done and had to move on.

That doesn’t mean she’s cheap, I only brought in my A game to get what I wanted. She even told me about guys who came with their money and swag and she asked if she could “chop” their money.

Of course I had to act the good guy, so I told her she shouldn’t.

As I speak now, I just spoke to another girl tonight and hopefully she will be visiting tomorrow for her first gig. 😏

My next posts will highlight what you need to do to get her on that bed ASAP…

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