How to Easily Get a Nigerian Girl to Sleep With You

STEP 1: Get her attention

Once you’ve spotted a lady you want to get with, the first and most difficult move is to get her attention.

Whether it’s online or offline, the rule of the thumb is the same.

Make sure she’s in a more relaxed mood. This way, you can easily start up a conversation and make yourself interesting.

Let your introduction be brief and make sure you tell her what you do.

Don’t go all like, I’m Abe and I’m a 25 years old student of so so so and so.


Hit the nail in the head by telling her how you earn a living or else she will not take you serious.

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She has to see you as a potentially dependable person. Someone she can rely on when the need arises.

So you can go like, my name is Abe and I’m the lead dancer in the Alpha dance group. That intro line will get her interested and make her ask questions like “so what is your role as a dance group leader?”.

Never mind the question because what she’s really driving at is how being a dancer affects your finances. 😏

Now if you’re not a student and you have a legitimate job then that makes it even more easier for you.

Perhaps you were recently hired as a technical assistant in an ICT firm. You can spice it all up and introduce yourself like “Hello! My name is Abe and I’m a Senior technical analyst in an ICT firm”.

Now this line of intro will pique her interest and she will want to know more about the firm you work with and where your office is located.

A lot of guys make huge mistakes while introducing themselves. They mention their name and that’s it.

That kind of introduction doesn’t make you any less than a stranger and she sure wouldn’t want to probe any further so her defences would be up against you.

Over to your next line of action.


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