How to Easily Get a Nigerian Girl to Sleep With You

STEP 3: Identify her weak spots or entry points

In the process of keeping the conversation, you should be able to identify her weak spots or entry points like i would prefer to call it.

Some girls are desperate to find a husband. This is where you propose to her that you are ready and willing to start a family with her.

Other girls just want a guy who would fill in for her financial needs. This is where you would make financial promises.

While some girls are just plain freaky and would prefer a guy who’d give them wild sex. By all means, make her understand why you are the best man for the job. 😉

Human needs varieties according to individuals so it is not limited to the ones I listed above.

Some might even need academic assistance. Maybe they’ve been struggling to pass an exam. Your job would be to become that brainy guy who would help her pass the exams or at least help her in one way or the other.

The list is endless my people.

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My point here is that you become indispensable and the first guy she will call upon when the need arises.

This now leads us to the next stage where you walk the talk.


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