How to Easily Get a Nigerian Girl to Sleep With You

STEP 5: Walk The Talk Some More

Walking the talk also has to do with your confidence. How you express and carry yourself.

It is a scientific fact that while men are moved by what they see, women are moved by what they hear.

This is why you have to be a sweet talker. Our naija people also call it sweet mouthing.

Truth is, most of this ladies know pretty damn well that what you told them is probably not true but they wouldn’t really care because that’s what they want to here.

It will only help you make a mark if you look or sound convincing enough.

Here’re some steps you could follow when approaching a girl for the first time:

1) Get her attention with your eyes

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2) Meet her when you are in a happy mood.

3) Introduce yourself briefly like: Hey cuties what’s up, am Mike and I live few houses down the street! You live around here? Then continue from there.

4) Speak Good English, talk briefly about your high personality. For example “I was transfered from NNPC warri to lagos here, so I just wana make new friends. I know you already have lots of them, how would it be like when I join the list?”

5) Remeber to smile. Then you focus on the girl, ask her about herself and the chatting continues…

In conclusion, I will like to use this analogy.

Let’s us assume you want to scale a not too tall fence to the other side.

Mr A chooses to climb through the fence and he does that successfully with a lot of effort while, Mr B makes use of a ladder with less effort and he will probably get across to the other side still looking squeaky clean compared to Mr B who would probably get all dirty and sweaty by the time he gets to the other side.

Telling lies or smooth talking is the ladder.

So who would you rather be. Mr A or Mr B.

Now to the next step which is flirting or dropping a hint about sex in a very subtle manner.


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