How to Easily Get a Nigerian Girl to Sleep With You

STEP 6: Give Hints About Sex

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gradually approaching the conclusion of this thread.

By now, anyone following every of my post should be able to get to the point where he seduces his target with exaggerated truths or better yet smooth talk. This is when she subconsciously gives you an approval as a potential sex partner.

Then you have to start giving hints about sex. Please don’t mistake this for outright demand for sex. Most girls find this appalling and you will automatically be termed a pervert.

You have to be very subtle in your approach and manner for example, you could end your conversations with lines like ‘kisses and hugs’. You could also complement a part of your body you find really attractive.

For example, we all know some of our ladies like taking pictures while turning their back. Why do you think they do that?

Of course they want you to appreciate their sexy curves and pay them complements. So you could easily say her butt looks sexy. Same goes for other parts of her body.

While still seducing here, please please and please, don’t bombard her with call and sms.

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Most people find this irritating. Even myself!

I’ve made such mistakes in the past and I see a lot of guys make this same mistake.

As a guy, just imagine you have a girl who calls you 5 times in a day. Won’t you get tired of picking her calls?

Ladies feel exactly the same way when a guy bombards them with calls.

As soon as you have successfully flirted and hinted that you are open to having sex…Please make sure you convince her you are not the wayward type.

Also give her the impression you are not desperate for sex. Please never make the mistake of begging her for sex. I repeat, never beg for sex.

In my next updates, will explain in details why it will never work if you beg a lady for sex.


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