How to Easily Get a Nigerian Girl to Sleep With You

STEP 7: Invite Her Over

It is now time for you to invite her over. This is the tricky part where you have to demonstrate a lot of patience and understanding.

This will also stand as a test if you are indeed a true friend or you are just after the Coochie. You know your intentions but you should never give her the impression you are just after sex.

If you have your own apartment, it makes it even better and she may be more open to visit you.

After inviting the lady over to see you, it is better you choose a location where there is much privacy either for a make-out or sex. Don’t be surprised if she turns you down or feels skeptical about the meeting.

It’s very normal and even though deep down inside of her, she may be excited about the invitation, an average Naija girl would pretend not to.

This is the point you will try to make her understand all you are after is a you and me time with her and I guarantee she will honor your invitation as long as you have followed all the steps i highlighted on this thread so far. Most especially, identifying her entry point or weak spot and filling that void.

Now here is the trick that works so well for me.

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No sex on the first date.

Are you surprised?

Don’t worry, i will explain to you in a bit why i don’t do sex on the first date.


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