How to Easily Get a Nigerian Girl to Sleep With You

STEP 8: Take Her Out And Back Home

Not having sex on the first date might not work for some. As a matter of fact, some girls might term you impotent or docile for not making any move on them so this is not a universal rule.

If the girl is totally down with having sex with you then by all means go ahead but if you aren’t so sure she would cave in to your advances then don’t even bother.

Your next step would now be to take her out on a date.

You would have gained her trust and confidence by not attempting to have sex with her and taking her to her favorite restaurant or hang out spot is like an icing on the cake. 😉

In the process, make her feel special and show some tenderness and care. Also try to make intimate discussions with her.

This is where you formalize and make her believe you are now couples. This is when you get to strike when the iron is hot.

It is at this point you take her home for the second time and do the do. 😏😉

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Trust me guys, this would be the most exciting and mind blowing sex you would ever have because she will totally submit herself and you will experience less anxiety.

You have successfully seduced her into full and total submission and you will have no doubts weather she might want to change her mind.

You now have yourself a willing sexual partner is ready to do several rounds with you as many times as possible. 😉


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