How to Fix a Dry Text Conversation With a Girl?

If your conversation tends to go dry whenever you chat with girls in general, it can be really frustrating.

Or perhaps, there’s this particular girl you so wish to have a nice chat with, but somehow, the conversation always ends up going sour barely after starting it. That’s often more frustrating.

Truth is, many guys aren’t always so good in texting girls. Even though it’s quite easy to converse with a fellow guy via text, it can at times, be a challenge when it’s a girl on the other end of the conversation.

If your text conversation go dry with a girl, reviving it is a very necessary step if you want to maintain a good conversation with her, otherwise, she might just snub you altogether. Anytime that happens, the chances of you both enjoying a nice conversation afterwards keeps getting slimmer and slimmer.

This article will explore ways in which you can revive a dry text conversation with a girl so you can carry on with a livelier chat like a pro.

Why Do Your Text Conversation Go Dry With a Girl?

The active element in a text conversation which isn’t dry is the interest. When interest is built, questions, remarks, jokes, and experiences keeps flying from both ends of the conversation, making it a lively one.

When that interest fades off, the conversation becomes dry almost instantly, as no one is interested in anything the other person has to say.

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Thus, whenever you observe your conversation with a girl heading towards a dry valley, know one thing – She’s losing interest in it.

This often happen because you aren’t bringing up interesting topics, or you’re asking the wrong type of questions, or you’re simply lacking humor. Different things can cause a loss of interest in the conversation, but whatever it is, you have to fix it.

How to Fix a Dry Text Conversation With a Girl?

To fix a dry text conversation with a girl, you have to take steps in reviving her interest and getting her engaged as she should be.

Injecting the needed energy into your conversation is often easier said than done. Here are some ways you can efficiently achieve that:

1. Ask Open-ended Questions

Questions are among the most important aspect of any engaging conversation. When you use them properly, they can be a big boost to your conversation.

When choosing questions to ask a girl during a text conversation, go for open ended questions. These are the opposite of typical yes/no questions. They encourage the one being asked to share more information than a simple yes or no.

They are great for fixing dry conversation with girls in particular. When you notice the conversation going dry, you could ask questions like :

  1. So, what made you smile today?
  2. What is your favorite movie of all time?
  3. How do you usually spend your weekends?

You could also make it a lil romantic by asking questions like:

  1. Where did you learn to be so pretty?
  2. How do you feel cared for by a guy?
  3. Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island?

You need not just open-ended, but interesting questions to get her to speak and give life to the conversation.

2. Talk about yourself

You shouldn’t be just throwing questions at her if you want the conversation to be interesting. It should be a two-sided thing.

At appropriate points, share some of your personal experiences and daily activities with her. For example, if after asking her what how she usually spends her weekend, she answered that she goes to the movies, you could share how you spend yours.

Perhaps, you play soccer with your friends, you can tell her that and even go further to narrate a brief funny thing that happened while you were playing last weekend.

Don’t go overboard with your narrations though. Keep them brief. You don’t want to end up boring her as that would further dry up the conversation.

3. Bring up shared interests

You are already aware that when people observe a shared interest with another person, they draw closer to them and want to talk more about it.

So, while texting, look out for any mutual interests or activity you both share. When you find one, don’t hesitate to let her know and use that as a base to further the conversation.

You’ll be surprised how smoothly the conversation will flow when you take that approach.

4. Compliment her

She loves to be complimented. Practically all girls do. So get to work.

Once a conversation begins to get dry, sprinkle some drops of compliment. You need not open up a shower of compliments on her or you might look off. Just a few targeted ones will do the trick.

Check out for her latest picture uploads, and tell her how pretty she looks in the pics, and if possible, follow up with a teasing, flattering, or flirty question. You can borrow a line or two from this list of compliments:

  • Wow, you look absolutely stunning in this picture! 😍 What’s the secret to your radiant smile?
  • I can’t get enough of your incredible style! 😍 What’s your go-to fashion tip for looking so effortlessly chic?
  • Did I ever told you your eyes are so beautiful? It speaks volumes without saying a word.


There’s no one-size-fits-all way to fix a dry text conversation with a girl. What will help you is your attentiveness and creativity in your texts.

So, maintain a sharp eye for any opportunity you get to ask engaging open-ended questions, talk about yourself and your shared interest, and compliment her.

In time, your conversations will transform into an engaging, giggle-filled one with texts trooping back and forth each second.

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