How to Move Your Lips When Kissing a Guy

Whenever you observe a couple kiss in a movie or in real life, there’s this smooth and systematic fashion in which they do it. It’s like it have been programmed into their minds.

They stare into each other’s eyes, close in for the kiss, and the motion begins, without a single error.

How about you?

If you suck at kissing, you aren’t alone. Some girls just aren’t good kissers by nature.

If you want to deliver a good, really good kiss that will wow your man and make him want to kiss you more often, you got to get better at kissing.

The question is, how do you do that?

The answer is simple: By moving your lips the right way.

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You see, kissing isn’t a complex thing. That’s why there are so many good kissers out there.

The main thing which is holding you back from being able to deliver a good kiss is a lack of knowledge of the right procedure to go about it.

Thankfully, you don’t need to attend any institution to learn how to kiss a guy properly. You can learn all that right from the comfort of your sofa.

I know what it feels like to be a bad kisser – I’ve been there before (Don’t tell anyone 🤫).

Fortunately, I mastered it after a number of failed attempts and digging around the internet for information.

So, trust me, you’re in safe hands. I’ll take you from being a beginner to a pro kisser, and you’ll achieve that today, this very day.

You’ll only need a a few practice and you’re good to go.

This article will break down the kissing process into tiny bits so you can learn exactly how to move your lips when kissing a guy.

How to Move Your Lips When Kissing a Guy

Alright, here we are. Learning the steps in kissing properly.

For the sake of this guide, we will place our focus on the lip movement while kissing a guy as a girl.

So, assuming you have done all the gaze-locking and closing in, here are the steps to take next in carrying out the actual kiss.

STEP 1: Part your lips

The first thing to do with your lips is to part them.

To be able to interlock your lips with that of the guy, you’ll need it slightly parted.

Don’t open your mouth too wide like you want to take a bite from an apple.

You only need a little gap between between both lips, just enough for your little finger to fit in perfectly.

This will often come naturally, so you may not even have to do it yourself.

STEP 2. Pucker your lips a little

To help you engage the kiss more effectively, pucker your lips slightly after parting them.

You do that by pushing your lips forward a little before it makes contact with his own.

The aim of this move is to make your lips a bit firmer.

So, don’t push your lips too forward like you’re kissing grandma, otherwise they’ll feel like a rock.

Push them forward a little, just enough so you feel a little firmness in them without touching it.

STEP 3. Make contact with his lips

As you move closer, your lips slightly parted and pluckered, your lips will eventually make contact with his.

When that happens, your lips will most probably be diagonally aligned with his, as you both must have tilted your heads slightly to dodge each other’s noses.

That is the the right posture.

What you’ll need to do at this point is to push a little further so your lips are no longer slightly touching each other but firmly in contact with each other. He’ll most probably be doing the same.

Don’t push too forward that his head bounces back.

Tilt your head a little more to give more clearance if need be.

STEP 4: Grab a lip

The moment your lips are firm on each other, grab his upper or lower lip between yours.

His lips will already be parted as yours is, so you’ll have no difficulty in doing grabbing one.

Which One Should You Grab?

There is no specific rule on which lip a girl should start her kissing with. In fact, you might not get the chance to choose.

If the guy grabs one of your lips first, you’ll be left with no choice to go for the one that’s available to you.

To be specific, if he goes for your lower lip, go for his upper lip. If he goes for your upper, go for his lower lip.

Either ways, your lips will be aligned either of the following ways:

Lip Alignment 1:
  • Your upper lip
  • His upper lip
  • Your lower lip
  • His lower lip
Lip Alignment 2:
  • His upper lip
  • Your upper lip
  • His lower lip
  • Your lower lip

If he hasn’t grabbed your lip before you make your move, you’ll be the lucky one to choose.

You can go for anyone you prefer. It doesn’t really matter as long as your lips get aligned properly.

STEP 5: Suck his lip gently

Gently suck the lip you grabbed between yours gently. He’ll also be doing the same for your lip.

This will interlock your lips together with his. You can now confidently say the kissing has begun.

Squeeze the lip you have gently to make the connection tighter. Do not over squeeze it though and do not engage your tongue or teeth at this point. You’ll be doing that soon.

You’ll usually stay that way for about five to ten seconds to enjoy the emotional connection that follows before releasing the grip.

STEP 6: Release your grip

You won’t keep your lips locked forever. Eventually, you’ll have to release it temporarily to readjust yourself.

You may choose to release his lip about five to ten seconds after you interlock lips, or you can simply stay put and wait for him to take that action.

Eventually, your lips would be free again.

STEP 7: Pull back a little

Once that first long kiss is over, pull back a little.

Take note, I said a little. About half an inch to be precise.

The kiss is not over yet. In fact, it’s just getting started.

If your foreheads were in contact during that first long kiss, keep them that way and pull only the lower part of your face.

I bet you’ll need some oxygen at this point. Use this period to get some air into your lungs. You sure don’t want to be gasping for air at the end of the kiss.

You may gently lift your gaze into his eyes to know when he’s ready to reengage so you don’t cause delay or get caught unaware.

STEP 8: Reengage the kiss

It will only be a matter of seconds, usually two to three before you reengage the kiss.

This time, it will be more of a series of short kisses with little or no time between them.

You’re pretty much repeating STEP 4 to 6 in shorter frequencies. You interlock lips, suck, release slightly, and repeat.

You can alternate the lip you grab or stick with one depending on your preference. It would be more fun to alternate though.

Also vary the amount of pressure you apply when kissing and feel free to use your tongue to taste and lubricate his lips while they’re in your grip.

Rock it, it’s your show.

STEP 9: Pull back finally

When he pulls back or you’re satisfied, pull back slowly to end the kiss.

Suck his lip one last time and allow your lips slide against each other as you pull away from him.

You have successfully delivered your powerful kiss, your first kiss which was guided by a written guide!

At that point, you’ll probably be missing the taste of his lips already. Feel free to pull in and lick your lips if you feel the urge to.

Tips to a Better Lip Movement Your When Kissing a Guy

Here are a few extra tips you should take note of and put into practice to help you achieve a better lip movement when kissing a guy:

  • Maintain a moist lip: Keep your lips moist when going on a date or hanging out. Use a lip gloss or lick your lip occasionally. This will help your lips slide better when kissing and make it more inviting as well.
  • Always start slowly: Always begin your kiss slow and gentle. Build anticipation in your partner with soft, gentle brushes of the lip. This will heighten the pleasure for you both.
  • Focus on your lips: When kissing, your primary focus should be on your lips. They are the main elements of the kiss. Focus on them so as to easily adjust them when necessary to keep the rythm going.
  • Nibble his lips: In addition to sucking and licking, you may also incorporate your teeth to the equation by gently nibbling their lips. Be careful, though, not to apply too much pressure that it turns into a bite.
  • Ask for feedback: When the kiss is over, do not be shy to ask how it went. Your partner may give you suggestions on how to improve your kiss or point out an error or two you may have made.


The right way to move your lips while kissing might seem complex when you’re new to the game. And after learning the steps, putting it into practice might seem overwhelming.

Remember that practice makes perfect. Knowing the steps will put you at an advantage to being better kisser, but only after adequate practice can you gain full mastery over it.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, and practicing frequently, you are sure to master the lip movement of kissing and be able to deliver a perfect, yummy kiss your guy will never forget.

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