How to Tell a Guy You Met Online You Are Fat?

While you’ll naturally want to be open in a relationship when dating someone physically, online dating can change that a little, especially when you have an odd feature or two you fear might turn your partner off.

If you’re a fat type and you’ve met a guy online and you both have been doing well for some time, you might feel the need to let him know of your body stature.

This is a good move, as you’ll definitely not want to get his hopes all high in the heavens only to disappoint him when you both finally meet.

That would be embarrassing and disheartening.

Opening up to him and letting him know you’re fat will save you both from any broken hopes and disappointments in the future, but there’s a problem.

But how exactly do you tell him you’re fat?

Now that can be quite perplexing.

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This article will outline some ways you can tell a guy you met online you’re fat and reduce the risk of getting turned down.

Do You Need to Tell Him You’re Fat?

It can feel quite daunting to tell a guy you’ve met online that you’re fat.

But, you know what they say: Honesty is the best policy. Especially when building trust with someone you’ve met online.

If you do more of physical dating, you most probably never found yourself in a situation where you need to explain to a guy that you’re overweight, as he can see that already.

In fact, when a guy approaches you physically, you immediately know one thing: He don’t mind your body size. He might even love it.

Yeah, some guys prefer to deal with big engines, even though the majority of them are attracted to moderately-sized ladies.

But for the guy you met online, you can’t really know for sure if he’ll mind your body or not. Thus, you may be scared to tell him as that could turn him off.

In the end, he’ll still know. So, it’ll be wiser to just spit it out rather than avoiding the topic. But still, you’ll need a strategy so you don’t end up pushing him away with your own hands.

How to Tell a Guy You Met Online You Are Fat?

Here are some ideas of ways you can tell a guy you met online you’re fat:

1. Tell him directly, with tact

Sure you must have thought about just telling him you’re fat an all. And I bet the idea isn’t that appealing to you, is it?

Well, it could be quite risky to directly tell your online guy that you’re fat. But when you do so tactfully, the risk is dissolved to a large extent.

So, rather than just texting him out of the blues: “Hello, just want to tell you I’m fat. Hope you’re okay with it?” You could do so more tactfully so he does get the point but doesn’t get repelled by it.

Something along the lines of: “I’m sure you’ll like me when we meet, I’m a big girl, you know.” in the middle of a conversation.

Chip in your text at the right time so it doesn’t end up looking too official or confessing.

2. Take some photos

You don’t necessarily have to take the verbal approach to let him know you’re fat. You can let him see for himself in your photos.

If you’re chatting with him via social media platforms or dating apps, he most probably already have an idea what you look like through your profile picture.

But if this doesn’t show your full body, try updating them or posting new photos in your story with full-length photos.

That’s a stealthy way of passing the message without having to drop it in text to him.

You can consider tagging/mentioning him in your new uploads, to ensure he gets to see the photos. With that, you won’t have to worry he missed them.

Also, dress well for the occasion. Don’t just stand there looking all crude and, well, fat, in your photos. Put on some beautiful outfits that brings out the beauty from your body shape.

Who knows, you could get his crushing all over for you.

3. Have video chats

Video chats is also a great way to let a guy know what you look like over the screens.

Similar to photo sharing, having live chat sessions via video sessions can also prove to be a super effective way to pass the message with ease without having to say it.

Invite him to have a video call with you. He’ll most probably agree with ease. Who don’t want to see their online date over video call.

Position the camera to capture a good amount of your body, not just your face so he’ll be able to see you in full length.

Don’t get too nervous though, or he might sense it, and you sure don’t want that. Be cool and natural. Avoid glancing at your body or cringing together in an attempt to make yourself less fatter.

Your body is yours, be proud of it and maintain your confidence. In short, don’t in any way, give him the impression that you’re ashamed of your body size or scared of his disapproval and you’re sure to succeed.



Telling your online date you’re fat can be quite a challenge due to fear of rejection or disapproval. You need not fear though.

You can either tell him directly and tactfully, let him see your photos, or pass the message via video chat sessions.

So, give it a try, and you’ll be sure to succeed in passing the message and carrying on with your relationship.

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