If A Girl Argues With You, Does She Like You?

So there’s this girl who recently started picking fights with you, arguing over any little thing you do.

As this goes on, you remain oblivious to the reason behind her baseless quarrelling attitude. But deep down, something tells you there’s something more to it.

You feel you have no fault, you feel you haven’t done anything wrong. You feel she might in fact, be attracted to you.

With this realization, you have but one question on your mind: Do girls argue with people they like?

This article will provide an answer to that question.

If A Girl Argues With You, Does She Like You?

It’s possible. Some girls tend to engage in silly arguments to draw a guy’s attention to themselves.

It’s quite common for girls to tease, mock, and even argue with guys they are attracted to.

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Many guys do observe this trait in girls who sooner or later, turned out to be crushing on them.

So, you may need to take a closer look at your arguing girl. She might have a thing for you and that’s what’s pulling the strings.

Why Would a Girl Argue With Someone They Like?

The most prominent reason why a girl might argue with a guy they’re attracted to is to draw his attention as well.

While they try all silly methods of gaining attention such as smiling, winking, texting, and so on, they might feel the guy isn’t getting the point.

They may then resort to other more direct means of drawing the attention such as picking on faults and eventually arguing over it, all in the name of getting noticed.

Oftentimes, these arguments won’t be a tough one. It would comprise mostly of teasing, harping over a single irrelevant matter, and even poking and pushing with the hands and fingers in the process. Nothing really serious.

What Should You Do If A Girl Argues With You When She Likes You?

Even while you’re aware it’s no big deal, frequent arguments can still be quite annoying, especially when it’s uncalled for.

Oftentimes, you might just choose to ignore her completely. But most times, that won’t solve the problem. She might just end up coming back to argue again and again.

One thing you could do to ease things up is to get closer to her. Even if you do not want any relationship with her, drawing closer to her can help relax her nerves and bring some peace.

If however, you also feel attracted to her, you may just consider a relationship with her. Afterall, she’s probably crushing on you already so, the way is pretty much clearer for you.

Whatever you choose, ensure to maintain patience and understanding. This way, you’ll be able to deal with the situation peacefully.


Constant arguments from a girl can be perplexing for many guys, causing them to wonder what exactly is causing her to act this way.

Arguing is one way girls draw a guy’s attention to them. And so, if you’re the object of arguments from a girl, you might have a crush after you.

Endeavor to take the necessary actions with her so as to have a peaceful relationship with her. Whether it’s to give her a chance for a relationship or maintain a quiet friendship, just act like a man and do something about it, and you’re sure to get some peace.

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