Is It Embarrassing When a Guy Can’t Get Hard?

Whenever a couple romance their way to the bed, there’s this smooth chemistry they experience which often can’t be explained.

At that point, nothing’s gonna get into their way and stop the inevitable. Nothing at all.

So they think until . . . something refuses to harden.

While she impatiently waits for the natural process to begin, all he thinks is C’mon, not again.

Now, while I don’t like making assumptions about my readers, I’m like a hundred. or let’s just go with ninety-nine (can’t be too sure) percent sure you’re a girl (or woman, I’m referring to the gender).

You might have observed a guy unable to get hard and want to know what feeling he gets when faced with this problem.

To be specific, you’ll love to find out if it embarrasses a guy or not when he’s unable to achieve a regular hard-on.

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Right page you are!

You’ll find out the answer to that commonly asked question and a few similar ones in this article, right about now

Is It Embarrassing When a Guy Can’t Get Hard?

Yes, embarrassment among the topmost feeling a guy gets when he’s unable to get hard.

It’s quite common for guys to get defensive in the bedroom when they encounter this problem, stressing that it’s a general problem and not their fault and bla bla.

Some girls take it that they are not embarrassed about their condition and accept it as part of them.

But the truth is, deep down a guy will always feel embarassed, at least a little, if he frequently finds difficulty in getting hard.

But why?

Why Is It Embarrassing When a Guy Can’t Get Hard?

There are several reasons why a guy would feel embarassed at his inability to get and maintain an erection. Here are some common reasons:

1. He doesn’t meet societal expectations

On a general note, men are expected to be always ready for sex.

This requires them to be able to get erect without delay whenever the need presents itself.

And often times, their performance in bed is used to guage their masculinity and worth.

If a guy fails to get an erection when it is needed, it would be embarrassing and at times, damaging to his self worth.

2. He might be mocked by his friends

If a guy has difficulty getting hard, it can become a subject of mockery among his peers if they get to know.

It would be really embarrassing if such a topic is brought up when around his classmates, workmates, or friends and he is noted for having this problem.

It would seem as if he’s the only one on the planet with that problem. This can be damaging to his self worth.

3. He may be embarassed with his future sex life

Not being able to get a normal erection can not only make a guy embarassed of his current condition but also of his future one.

He may begin to feel inadequate and incapable to satisfy any woman now and in the future.

He may shy away from starting new relationships, especially if his previous ones were damaged by this very problem.

This embarrassment resulting from a feeling of inadequacy can linger for a long time in a guy, giving him constant embarrassment due to his condition.

How Can You Help a Guy Deal With The Embarrassment of an Erectile Dysfunction

If your partner finds it difficult to get hard, avoid the tendency to ignore him and his problem. He might be going through a tough time.

Erectile dysfunction is a discouraging problem for all men with it. So, endeavor to take whatever little step you can to help him cope.

Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Never compare him with other guys: Avoid statements like: Others can do it. Why can’t you? Such statements can be embarrassing and demoralizing to him.
  • Be understanding: Reassure him it’s not his fault and he needs not get all worked up about it.
  • Seek professional help: Encourage him to consult a healthcare provider. Accompany him to give him more confidence.
  • Improve sexual intimacy: As a couple, focus on getting intimacy during sex rather than just the sexual intercourse itself. This will strengthen your bond with him which could eventually help him get better.
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle: Encourage and support him in getting regular exercise, balanced diets, and good rest. These will improve his condition and his overall health.


Guys do feel embarassed when they can’t get hard.

The embarrassment they feel when he can’t get hard is a complex one with various reasons behind it.

If your partner experience this issue, all hope is not lost. He need not be doomed to a life of shame.

By putting forth the necessary efforts, you can help him get over his emotions and improve his condition.

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