Achieving a Really Successful Online Dating With MillionaireMatch: The Ultimate Guide

Online dating: That’s one thing so common in our day. It’s now among the most common and effective ways people find a partner.

You’re no doubt on an online dating platform, or a multiple of them at that. Pretty much everyone who’s single and searching for a partner has an active account on a dating site, except of course, they’re still living in the previous century.

Ever since the introduction of online dating platforms, dating just got simpler, faster, mobile, and easier. Cool, isn’t it?

Not always.

The fact still remains that, while dating sites/apps have attempted to ease the dating process, it’s still challenging for many to find their desired relationship from these platforms.

Cast your mind back to when you first tried out a dating site, and when you began getting match suggestions of beautiful and handsome dudes within a few days. Did you felt like you’ve found the solution to your problem?

You sure must have been fascinated by how simplified finding a boyfriend/girlfriend has become. But how did it go?

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If you began having a series of unsuccessful dates and unserious matches or snubbish ones, and even spam emails from God knows who, it must have been really disappointing.

But don’t lose hope, online dating can be more productive than it seems. Remember that many people leverage this provision to find their partners and eventually settle for a serious and successful relationship with them.

Let’s dig a little deeper to understand what’s behind the lack of success many experience with online dating.

Why’s It So Difficult to Be Successful In Online Dating?

Online dating works, but you have to do what works before you can see good results. And that’s where many people fail.

They don’t pay attention to the little but important factors which makes online dating successful or not.

You see, the online dating world is a big one. Jumping into it without proper strategies will yield little or no positive results. That’s why you need to understand what makes people successful in this world if you want to be successful as well.

One of the topmost factor which determine your success or failure in this space is the platform you choose.

Which online dating platform do you use? Tinder? Match? Plenty of Fish?

These are popular dating platforms, a lot of people use them. But let’s be honest, they don’t really work, at least not as well as they should.


Too much popularity, too many users, too much unserious matches, poor algorithms to properly coordinate the activities numerous users, so many scammers here and there, and the list goes on and on.

All of these may seem like common downsides virtually all dating sites possess. But it isn’t so.

Only the popular dating platforms have this problem.

There are quite a few unpopular dating sites in the internet you might have heard of but didn’t really thought of trying it out or shunned the idea thinking: ‘No one use this, so, I won’t get many matches there.’

Yeah, their user base is smaller than their famous counterparts, but this doesn’t make them less efficient. It actually does the opposite.

With the absence of a huge crowd of users, and at times, the presence of stricter rules and guidelines for use, these not-too-famous platforms by far surpass the famous ones in their efficiency in achieving meaningful relationships.

Of course, if you’re just out for a fling or some casual dating with some hot smokeshow to impress your friends, you can continue using them. But if you’re damn serious about finding a partner and getting into a serious relationship, you’ve got to log out and seek for better grounds.

But there’s a whole lot of platforms out there, the market is super broad. So, which is the right one?

How Do You Identify a Good Dating Platform?

There isn’t a specific “right dating platform” out there, none are perfect. They all have their ups and downs, making them advantageous and still disadvantageous in different ways.

However, some dating platforms still stand out as being reputable. That’s what really matters.

Regardless of how popular a dating platform is, if it doesn’t have a good reputation, it’s still questionable. However, if it does have a good reputation for helping people achieve their goal of achieving great relationships, it’s definitely worth going for.

One of such reputable, well-functioning platforms I personally recommend is MillionaireMatch.

MillionaireMatch stands out as one of the best platforms for those seeking a serious, long-term relationship on the online dating space. Let’s find out what makes this platform so great.

Why MillionaireMatch Is Great For Achieving Successful Relationships

Launched in 2001, MillionaireMatch is one impressive dating platform. It is part of the SuccessfulMatch dating network which comprises of a total of three dating platforms:

  1. MillionaireMatch: Made primarily for elites and wealthy people.
  2. PositiveSingles: Made specifically for people living with sexually transmitted diseases such as Herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, and others.
  3. BiCupid: Made specifically for bisexual and bicurious individuals and couples including gay, lesbian, transgender, and bicurious straights.
  4. SeniorMatch: Made for people over 50 who are interested in finding a partner.

One outstanding thing about these four platforms is that they are the not just one of their kind, they have risen to the topmost position in their respective niches.

Thus, using a dating platform like MillionaireMatch will guarantee you a much higher success rate than you would get if you go for some other platform.

What If You’re Not a Millionaire?

While reading this article, you’re probably wondering if you can join MillionaireMatch or not if you aren’t a millionaire. The name itself sends some chill to the spine.

Well, you can.

Though being a dating site for the elites and wealthy, it also houses regular people who don’t fall under that class.

So, you’re welcome to join MillionaireMatch whether you’ve got a million dollars or not in your account.

And it’s a great platform at that. Reason being that, several features and standards are set in place to filter out any spammers and ensure orderliness is maintained.

This isn’t surprising. A dating site for the affluent should have no less. Let’s take a closer look at some of the cool features of this awesome site which gives it it’s high success rate in the online dating industry.

Why Online Dating Is More Successful With MillionaireMatch

Unlike many other dating sites out there, MillionaireMatch possesses some great features and attributes which increases the chance of success of it’s members.

Here are some prominent ones:

1. Selective membership

Selective membership is one great feature of MillionaireMatch which only a few others do.

Rather than running adverts here and there encouraging everyone to join their platform like the others do, MillionaireMatch keeps it’s focus on successful people and the likes.

This fosters an environment where serious, like-minded people connect with each other. And you know what that means.

There’ll be much fewer unserious ones, hookup-seekers, and double-daters. Within a short time on the platform, you’re sure to meet someone who’s serious about getting into a committed relationship with you, except you aren’t in search of one.

2. Verified profiles

Few, and I mean very few other dating platforms verify their user’s profiles.

The reason is obvious. Asking for verification from new users would be so cumbersome for them, even making some bounce away on that spot.

It would be more easier to just grab their name, email, a few other easy-to-provide information, and send them right in. Easy and straightforward, right?

But that’s often the cause of the ineffectiveness of many of these online dating platforms. When they don’t verify their user’s profiles, so many fake accounts will be created.

People will begin to claim they are someone else just to get any girl/guy they want. You won’t see any of that in MillionaireMatch.

At the registration point, all new users are to provide a snapshot of their identity which will be processed within a few minutes with the use of human-assisted AI technology.

This increase the security of it’s members.

3. Advanced search filters

In addition to it’s targeted community and security features, MillionaireMatch also possess some cool onsite features which makes finding matches so easier.

One of these features is its advanced search filters. Except for the traditional name/username search feature, MillionaireMatch also provides users with the ability to filter search results to display only users who meet specific criterias.

Some of these filters you can adjust when searching include:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Income
  • Education
  • Career
  • Lifestyle
  • Relationship goals
  • and so much more…

These information are entered by new users when signing up. The information are then attached to your profile and can be edited anytime. They help everyone gain visibility in search results within the site.

With this amazing provision, you’re able to filter through the thousands of users and find those with your desired characteristics.

4. Privacy and security

Another awesome attribute of MillionaireMatch is its privacy and security.

Since the time when dating platforms began to surface, hackers have been at work, trying every possible means to break into and leak out user’s information of any platform they can break into.

Popular dating platforms like Plenty of Fish, MeetMindful, Grindr, and others have all gotten their share of the pandemic. They all got a decrease in their users’ trust after they were hacked and their data leaked to the public.

MillionaireMatch is among the few platforms which has stood the test of time and not for once, had a breach in it’s security.

No doubt, they have high security measures put in place to prevent security breaches and illegal penetration, or why else would such a successful site housing high-profile individuals remain unhacked?

This strong security guarantees you absolute privacy without any compromise to your personal affairs.

How to Register For MillionaireMatch

By now, you must be boiling in readiness to join the group of fortunate individuals on MillionaireMatch. Thumbs up, you can do that easily on their website,

However, if you prefer to know how exactly the signup process works before giving it a headstart, follow me as I guide you through the signup process from start to finish.

To be honest, it’s a li’l lengthy. But don’t fret, you’ll only be asked straightforward questions whose answers you have at the tip of your fingers. You’ll be all done in a jiffy.

STEP 1: Open MillionaireMatch

MillionaireMatch homepage

Open MillionaireMatch on their official website, You can do that on your PC or on your mobile phone and using your favorite browser.

You’ll be met with their beautiful homepage as you can see in the image above. You can take some time to scroll through the page and enjoy some views and featured stories, or just jump straight to the signup page. You’ll still end up there anyway.

To get to the signup page, click the signup tab at the top right corner of the page. The signup page will open shortly.

STEP 2: Enter Your Email Address

Enter email

Like every other registration page, you’ll be required to enter your email address to initiate the signup process.

Enter your email address in the input field provided and check the box below.

Crosscheck to ensure the email address you entered is correct, solve the captcha, and hit the CONTINUE button.

STEP 3: Specify your gender

Select gender

After submitting your email address, you’ll be brought to this page. Here you can select your gender from the options provided.

On choosing your gender, proceed to do the same for your match. The opposite gender would have been automatically selected for you so you can proceed by clicking the CONTINUE button as before, or adjust as preferred.

STEP 4: Enter Your Password, Location, and Age

Enter password, location, and age

Proceed to enter your password on the next page. You have only one field to do so, so take care not to make mistakes to a avoid unnecessary delays when next you log in.

You can make use of the eye function at the edge of the input field to crosscheck your password and ensure it’s mistake-free and easy to remember as well.

Next, select your location (Country, State, and City) in the fields provided for them. If you don’t find your country of residency there, it means your country isn’t supported.

MillionaireMatch focuses primarily on top-tier countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the likes. You’re unlikely to encounter this problem anyway, since visitors from unsupported countries are blocked from visiting the site.

Next, select your age and click CONTINUE. The least age you can be to use MillionaireMatch is 19 while the maximum is 99. So, if you’re below 19 or above 99 (You sure aren’t 😉), you should probably wait till you’re of age.

STEP 5: Enter your username

Enter Username

Next, enter your username in the field provided for it.

Just like it is with other social platforms, your username is your display name on MillionaireMatch.

You can choose whatever format you love, be it your nickname or your real name. It’s all your choice.

However, you want to try to be selective in the kind of names you choose. This isn’t tinder or the likes where no one cares what your username is.

Thus, names like somebusygirl3 or lizzybaby46 won’t really serve you well.

To make things more effective, you might just want to stick to your real name. This way, you won’t pass any unwanted impressions to anyone.

The invite code is an optional field, so you can leave it empty if you do not have one. As usual, hit CONTINUE.

STEP 6: Specify your income

The next page will ask you to specify your income, annual income to be precise.

Let me guess. You’re wondering why they want to know how much money you earn.

Well, remember the filter feature? One of the filters which you can tweak when filtering search results is income. That’s why they collect that information when users register on their platform, to ensure no one’s left out on the result pages.

So, feel free to select from the options provided. You have the following options to pick from:

  • Less than $300K
  • $300K to $350K
  • $350K to $500K
  • $500K to $750K
  • $750K to $1M
  • $1M to $5M
  • $5M to $10M
  • $10M to $50M
  • $50M to $100M
  • $100M+
  • An hier to a large fortune
  • $300K+ but prefer not to specify

Identify where you fall and click the option to make your selection. You’ll be automatically taken to the next page.

If you don’t want to specify your income, you could go with the first or last options as the case may be.

STEP 7: Select your height

Select height

Height? Yup, that’s also part of the search filter. Don’t get bored though, you’ll soon be done.

Pull the pointer up and down to increase and decrease your height respectively until you settle on your height.

Then hit CONTINUE to proceed to the next step.

STEP 8: Specify your ethnicity

Specify your ethnicity

Next, you’ll be asked to select your ethnicity from the options provided. This shouldn’t give you any tough time.

Simply scan through the list and locate your ethnicity. Click to select it and you’ll be automatically taken to the next step.

STEP 9: Select your relationship status

Select your relationship status

Here, you get to specify what your current relationship status is.

You’re given different options, each describing different relationship statuses. Choose the one which best described you relationship status and proceed to the next step.

STEP 10: Enter your profile headline

Enter your profile headline

Your profile headline is a short sentence attached to your profile. Take it as a mini description of yourself, one that can attract potential matches to your profile if well written.

Writing a good profile headline isn’t too difficult either. Just write a short, enticing description of yourself. You could place focus on your hobbies, characters, or relationship goals.

Remember that you have only 50 characters to work with. So, don’t even think of stuffing everything about you in there. Hit CONTINUE when done.

STEP 11: Describe yourself

Describe yourself

Here you get the chance to do all the blabbering you want about yourself. With 4000 character limit, you can talk about your type of person, your hobbies, and what you’re in search for in a relationship.

You can also add any other information you feel is necessary to be in your profile, the stage is clear for you. However, remember that whatever you write is public, and so anyone on the platform can see it in your profile.

Thus, it would be wise to only stick to what’s necessary, and not add personal or confidential information about yourself.

Good thing is, you can always change whatever you wrote in steps 10 to 12 later on when your account is set up, they aren’t permanent. Once you’re done, hit the CONTINUE button.

STEP 12: Describe your match

Describe your match

All the while you’ve been in search of a successful relationship, you must have had a mental (or even written) list of criterias for a good partner.

Now’s your chance to own that down in your profile.

Write out what you’re characters you look for in someone who’s fit to be your match. Don’t give partial information here, potential matches will be reading this.

You want to ensure you find someone who matches your expectations to increase the chances of things working out together between you both.

Just like the previous ones, you can edit it later in case your expectations change. Hit CONTINUE button when you’re done.

STEP 13: Upload your photos

Upload your photos

After typing in so much descriptions, it’s time to go visual. And this is probably the most important part.

While a nice headline and description will be a boost to your profile engagement, you are more likely to triple that rate with some cool pics attached to your profile.

So, adjust your collar and take some nice pictures of yourself. If you already have some, you’re free to browse your device and select your favourite pics.

Just click each box and select a picture from your device and it’ll get attached to your profile.

When making your selection, it’ll be nice to take a variety of pictures with different postures as well. Also, arrange them in an orderly fashion.

A picture of your face will work better for the first picture (the big one by the left). The others can be a combination of full lengths, half lengths, and other headshots.

You’re also given the option of editing each photo you upload. Here you can do some minor editing to your photos including cropping, and rotating. Make use of it when necessary

You have a minimum of three photos to upload so make sure you add three or more photos before you hit CONTINUE.

STEP 14: Verify your ID

Verify ID

If you made it here, you can have a big sigh. You’re done with the signup process, you’ve only got to activate your account by confirming your identity.

This is a feature set in place to maintain the security of MillionaireMatch and prevent spamming.

Thankfully, verifying your identity isn’t as complex and time-consuming as it used to be in the old wild west days of the internet, thanks to AI.

You’ll be promoted to take a photo of a government-issued ID such as a driver’s license, state ID card, or passport. Ensure you provide them a valid ID and take the photo in a well lit environment.

With the help of AI, your ID will be verified within a few minutes and you’ll be ushered into the site. Now you can start searching for matches and allow the system suggest for you as well.



In the world of online dating, achieving a successful and lasting relationship can be a real challenge for many. So many platforms have been created, all with the aim of easing the online dating process.

But somehow, it can still be challenging, mostly because of a wrong choice of dating platform.

Achieving a successful relationship via online dating platform is successful, only if you choose one which has a good reputation, privacy, well chosen audience, and cool features as well.

With a dating site like MillionaireMatch, it becomes way easier to find serious, like-minded individuals who, like you, are in search of a serious relationship.

So, you’ve got nothing to wait for. Head over to MillionaireMatch and create your account to unravel a new dimension of online dating.

You’ll be successful, I promise.

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