6 Types Of Texts He Sends When You’re His Backup Girl

Texting says a lot about people, especially those you’re dating. Except from the chit chat aspect, the texts you exchange with your partner can give you assurance of his love and affection for you.

But what if your recent texts or other behavior have begun to get quite odd, making you suspect that which no lady wants in her guy – That you’re only a backup girl for him.

That can trigger some concern, a huge one at that. Being a backup girl for a guy is not in the least an acceptable position.

If you have such suspicions, it’s important to confirm your suspicions so as to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This article will help you do that.

Texts He Sends When You’re His Backup Girl

When a guy sees a girl as a mere backup plan to fall back on when he falls off his current relationship, it’s often obvious in different aspects of his dealings with her, including his texts.

In general, there tend to be this irregular, non-enthusiastic nature in which his texts flows through which you can tell something’s not right.

Here are six types of texts he’ll tend to send when you’re his backup girl:

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1. Late night texts alone

Late night texts in itself isn’t a red flag. It only becomes one when he only texts you late in the nights and not during the day.

He will often do this because he has been busy with his top priority throughout the day. It’s only after he’s done with her will he use the few hours to say hi.

He might ignore your texts during the day or seldom reply them as his attention isn’t fully on you. This is a common texting sign that you’re just his backup girl.

2. Promising texts without fulfilling

Due to the lack of focus he’ll have for you, a guy might make many unfulfilled promises in his texts to you if you’re his backup girl.

These texts will generally be vague and lack much detail or commitment. This is an indication that you’re not his primary focus.

3. Infrequent texts

The frequency of a guy’s texts also tells a lot about how he views you. If a guy’s texts tends to lack frequency when there’s no specific cause for it, it could indicate his real girlfriend is elsewhere.

He might ignore you on a frequent basis and not message you at all for number of days, even up to a week. Then, out of the blues, he might just pop up and resume texting as though nothing happened.

This can be a red flag that you’re a backup to him and that’s why he’s infrequent for no legitimate reason.

4. Insensitive texts

Insensitive texts which lack respect and mutual understanding from a guy can also be an indication that you’re his backup girl.

A guy who loves and cares for you will do nothing to hurt or annoy you, even over the screen. Even if he does so, he’ll be sure apologize for his error.

If he tends to send or reply you with texts which lack sensitivity and doesn’t apologize afterwards, it shows he lacks genuine interest in you. You might just be his backup girl.

5. Short texts and conversations

As you most probably know, short, single-worded texts doesn’t show interest in the conversation. If you’re his backup girl, he’ll tend to use these short texts a lot.

For example, instead of a normal greeting like “Hey baby, how’s your day going,” he might just send a “Hi,” or a “Hey.”

The conversation as well won’t flow well, as he’ll be replying in monosyllables until the conversation is over.

6. Early goodnight texts

If he tends to drop a “Goodnight” or similar closing text when the conversation is barely starting, you might be a backup girl.

A habit of closing the conversation too early is a sure sign he’s not really enjoying it and is just texting out of routine, not because he has any real commitment to the relationship.


To wrap it up, when a guy takes you as a backup girl, he won’t text you normally the way he should. His texts will be in form of short, infrequent, and routinic ones.

Being a backup girl is never a good position. It shows you occupy a lesser priority in his life. Don’t waste any time to exit such a relationship, it’ll give you the chance to find another guy who takes you seriously in his life.

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