What Do Guys Think When a Girl Says I Love You First?

When a girl develops interest in a guy, it’s common for her to hang around him, engage him in conversations, smile when they walk past each other, in short, do what she can to draw his attention.

Silently, she hopes that he’ll come to share the same feelings she has for him and one day, confess his love for her.

However, not all girls are that patient.

For some girls, they waste no time in letting the cat out of the bag once they realize there’s a cat in there.

When a girl takes the first step and tell a guy he loves him, several thoughts typically run through the guy’s mind. He may get surprised, pressured, or even suspicious of her actions.

This is not surprising. It’s not so common for girls to be the first to state their love for a guy. And so, when they do, the guy will often be taken by surprise and immediately get bombarded with several thoughts.

In this article, we will discuss some of the common line of thoughts of guys when a girl first say I love you.

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What Do Guys Think When a Girl Says I Love You First?

If a girl makes the first attempt to tell a guy he love her, he’ll tend to think quite deeply, exploring the possible intentions behind the move she made.

Here are some common line of thoughts which may run through a guy’s mind in such a situation:

1. He thinks you’re after something

A guy might get suspicious when a girl tells him she loves him first. He might suspect she’s just trying to manipulate and get something out of him.

Afterall, it isn’t done that way so why did she attempt it? He might then tend to be too suspicious when he’s around her, feeling that there’s some hidden agenda behind her proposal.

2. He thinks you’re being too hasty

If the guy and the girl has met just recently, her love proposal might come as a surprise to the guy.

He would think the girt is simply too desperate to get into a relationship with him. He might just ignore the girl completely and not take her serious.

3. He thinks you’re really serious

In some cases, mostly when they have known each other for long, the guy might feel the girl is serious about getting into a relationship with him.

He may reason that if a girl has the guts to ignore normal standards and approach him to tell him she loves him, she must be serious and would make a good partner for him.

4. He feels relieved

Depending on his own feelings, a guy might breathe a sigh of relief if a girl tells him she love him.

He might have been feeling the same way about her but have been scared to approach her. And so, when she first opens up to him, he may be relieved that he no longer has to take the first step anymore.

5. He gets flattered

When girls show interest in a guy, it often gets them flattered. If a girl should tell a guy ‘I love you’ first, that would most likely give a big boost to their ego.

He would feel special about himself, reasoning that of all people, she fell for him, so much that she couldn’t help but confess it. This would often make them proud and egotistical.

6. He feels happy

Just like a girl, a guy might also feel joyous when a girl tells him she loves him.

If he has no negative feeling about her action, the happiness would often radiate on his face after she open up to him. He may then accept and take the relationship to the next level.

7. He gets confused

For a girl, being told ‘I love you’ by a guy may not be a new thing. She may be faster in processing her feelings and giving a reply.

A guy on the other hand, may not always find it this easy. Most guys are not used to being told this statement from a girl and might get confused quite easily.

They can end up making a hasty decision they don’t really mean.

8. He feels scared

A guy may also get scared when a girl confesses her love for him. Scared of what exactly?

Scared of a committed relationship.

Not all guys fancy the idea of a committed relationship with a girl. Some are simply not ready for one.

A guy might get scared of what the future of that relationship will be and whether anyone might get hurt in the process.

9. He feels pressured

A guy might feel pressure when a girl tells him ‘I love you’. He knows she expects him to reciprocate the love statement and say ‘I love you’ back.

At the same time, he may not be ready for the relationship but don’t want to turn her down as well. This can put him under pressure and make him make hasty decision without giving it a deep though.


Every guy is different. The way guys respond to being told ‘I love you’ by a girl differ from guy to guy. Generally though, a guy would often get a mixture of confusion and other feelings when told ‘I love you’ by a girl.

It is important, therefore, not to be hasty about your actions and also be prepared for whatever response you may get, be it a favorable one or not.

He might feel the same way or he might not, you never know. So never be afraid to take the first step in saying ‘I love you’.

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