What Do Period Cramps Feel Like For Guys? 5 Common Ways It Feels

Period cramps can be a really painful experience. One that can causes a lot of pain and discomfort to you.

Despite the fact that it’s a general occurrence which affects every woman on a monthly basis, many guys still don’t have a clear idea what it feels like to have a period cramp.

When having a period cramp, you may have at one time or the other, found your partner gazing at you like he’s wondering what on earth this period cramp feels like.

That’s because he is. He is indeed thinking just that.

As guys watch women battle with the pains from their monthly period, each one unconsciously forms his individual mind picture of the pains caused by these cramps.

Though being unique, all imaginations guys have of period cramps all boil down to one feelings – A severe pain in the abdomen.

In this article, we will browse through the minds of guys to find out what they think period cramps feel like by examining what they often compare it to.

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What Do Period Cramps Feel Like For Guys?

When it comes to period cramps, guys have various comparisons as to how it feels like on a lady.

Here are some common causes of pain guys often compare period cramps with:

1. Muscule cramps

Most guys are familiar with the pains resulting from muscule cramps. They experience it a lot while engaging in sports such as football and basketball, and while doing their workout.

When they try to visualize the pains of period cramps, they tend to compare it with muscule cramps, most especially the ones they experience on their abdominal muscles.

These muscule cramps hurt a lot, and so they can as well imagine just how much pain women must be going through to have these pains for a number of days every month.

2. Digestive discomfort

Everyone experience digestive discomforts every once in a while. And we’re all familiar with the stomachaches which result from it.

When guys observe a lady having period cramps, digestive discomforts comes to mind.

3. Stomach virus

Similar to digestive discomforts, stomach virus is another cause of pain in the abdomen.

When asked by guys how period cramps feel, many women liken it to a stomach virus.

This makes many guys relate the pains of menstrual cramps to a stomach virus.

4. A faint stomach ache

Not all guys have enough experience to know that period cramps hurt that much. A few guys don’t even know it hurt at all.

Some guys do feel period cramps are just a slight pain ladies feel during their period. Nothing much.

5. An excruciating abdominal pain

While some don’t think it really hurts, other guys imagine period cramps to be a very severe and excruciating pain in the abdomen.

Their partner might have over exaggerated the painful symptoms of menstrual pains to them. Others might have observed a lady coping with her cramps and thought, Man, this thing really hurts.

Whatever the case, some men perceive period cramps to be much more painful than it really is.

6. Other pains

Some other men feel period cramps are similar to other pains people experience including muscule pains, headaches, and many others.


Guys have different ways they imagine period cramps feels like. Afterall, they don’t experience it and thus, have no firsthand knowledge of what it feels like.

The way they imagine the pains often depends on the information they have regarding period cramps and their personal experiences as well.

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