What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Dude? 7 Possible Meanings

If during a friendly conversation or chat, a girl have called you “dude”, you must be wondering why she did that.

It’s understandable, she should ordinarily refer to you by your name, or simply say “bro” or “buddy” if she sees you as a friend.

If she had called you “big head”, it would have been better, at least you know she’s being a jerk.

But dude? That’s one unusual one.

It’s not that the word dude is strange or hardly used. Some guys call other guys dude.

But it isn’t just that common to hear it from a girl, and thus, you might begin to wonder if she was passing an impression when she called you dude.

Well, she might.

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A girl might choose to call a guy dude for a number of reasons. Thus, there might be some meaning behind that reference.

You sure want to know them so as to both satisfy your curiosity and grab one or two things you might have missed about how she views you.

Let us consider them right away.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Dude?

When a girl calls you dude, it can indicate a variety of things. Here are some meanings behind this way of addressing you from a girl:

1. She sees you as a friend

Generally, friends call themselves in a variety of ways, such as buddy, man, and dude.

A girl who sees you as a casual friend might choose to use any of these slangs when addressing you.

She may be calling you dude with a pure friendly intent, without trying to flirt or draw your attention at all.

2. She’s at ease with you

If a girl feels at ease around you, she’ll tend to use casual terms such as “dude” or “pal” with you.

Thus, when a girl calls you dude on a casual setting, you can be sure of one thing: She’s totally cool with you.

Otherwise, she might have just stuck with your name.

3. She might be teasing you

Not every “dude” from a girl is a genuine one.

As casual as she might sound, there’s still a possibility she’s trying to pull your legs a little.

She might be trying to annoy you a little or is simply curious to see your reaction to being referred to that way from her.

4. She might be annoyed with you

Though often used in a friendly context, the term “dude” tends to be used more often than its synonyms when there’s some cause for annoyance.

If you both have been haggling over something when she called you dude, it might be her annoyance speaking.

For example, if she says something along the lines of: “C’mon dude, what’s wrong with you?,” it’s obviously out of annoyance.

5. She may be copying guys

When in the midst of guys, girls tend to copy their way of conversing as well as their choice of words.

If she’s the type who hangs out with guys a lot, she might have adopted that term into her everyday vocabulary.

She may then find herself calling guys such terms as dude or man as she has learnt from other guys.

6. She may be communicating a lack of romantic interest

A girl might call you dude when she wants to pass the message that she’s not interested in any romantic relationship with you.

She will most likely do that if she feels you’re trying to flirt with her and she isn’t interested in any such thing.

Using a friendly term like dude can be her way of declining you and signalling a lack of romantic interest in you.

7. That might be her way of communicating

Everyone communicates I’m their own unique way. Some people tend to perceive the meanings of certain words or phrases less strongly than others.

At times, someone might even miss the whole meaning altogether and end up giving wrong impressions to others.

So, if a girl calls you dude or any other similar terms you don’t expect from her, give some thought to her communication style. That might simply be her way of speaking.


In conclusion, a girl would most likely call you dude when she sees you as a friend and is relaxed in your presence.

When you make effort to observe her communication style, the context of your conversation, and your overallĀ  relationship with her, you’ll be able to tell why exactly she called you dude.

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