What Does It Mean When a Girl Makes Eye Contact And Then Looks Away?

Among the various ways girls make eye contact with guys is that which they make a quick eye contact and then break it almost just as quickly as they initiated it.

When a girl makes such eye contact, you’ll often find yourself in confusion as to what made her do so.

I mean, why did she look in the first place if she knew she was going to break the eye contact.

Might she be drawing you attention, testing you out, or something else? Or perhaps there’s nothing big behind it, maybe that’s how girls do.

Such trail of thoughts will most probably run through your mind when a girl make and break eye contact with you, or do some other odd stuff with you.

And more annoying is that they often don’t do it once, twice, or thrice. They do it frequently, making you wonder if they’ve been staring at you your whole life.

If you currently experience this behavior from a girl at school, work, or some other place, you’ll surely be curious to know what it means.

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What Does It Mean When a Girl Makes Eye Contact And Then Looks Away?

Several reasons could cause a girl to look away after making eye contact with you.

Here are some possible reasons why a girl might make eye contact and then look away:

1. She is a shy type

Shy people typically find it challenging to hold eye contacts, especially with those of the opposite sex.

If the girl who looked at you is a shy or introverted type, she’ll be likely to break the eye contact in a short while.

2. She likes you but don’t want to show it

If a girl tends to looks away whenever she makes eye contact with you, there’s a possibility she like you but don’t want to show it.

She may fear you’ll get the point if you see her looking at you too often. So, she’ll tend look away quickly whenever your eyes meet.

3. She is getting nervous

Different things make people get nervous. For some, prolonged eye contact is a cause for nervousness for them.

This will often happen if you both are having a conversation or during social settings. When you both hold the eye contact for some seconds without any action, she might get nervous and look away.

4. She is trying to be polite

Different people express politeness in different ways. Making a brief eye contact before looking away might just be her way of being polite.

She might be making the brief eye contact to politely acknowledge your presence silently without drawing too much of your attention.

5. She is lost in thoughts

Another possible reason why a girl might make eye contact with you and look away is that she got lost in thoughts and later realized.

Perhaps she looked at you and got carried away by a thought or imagination for a few seconds. On realizing, she quickly looked away to avoid embarrassment.

6. She is surprised

She might have looked at you in surprise of something you said or did and then look away naturally.

This is quite a natural response for everyone whenever someone says or does something surprising.

7. She is not interested

If you had waved at her or called her attention in any way when she made eye contact and looked away, it’s possible that she just isn’t interested.

She might have seen your action as flirtatious and is trying to pass the message that she’s not interested by looking away.


Understanding girls’ behaviors can be really challenging at times, especially when they display certain mysterious ones like the one in consideration.

A girl might look away after making eye contact for a variety of reasons as we’ve seen. To better interprete her behavior, you might need to pay closer attention to the context of her action and other actions she make which can provide a clue to understanding her action.

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