What Does It Mean When a Guy Dreams About You Sexually?

Appearing in someone’s dream may not feel like a big deal, be it your boyfriend, partner, or even any guy. Afterall, others appear in yours also.

If a guy simply tells you he saw you in his dream, without any extra information, it’s normal to interprete it as a sign he’s crushing on you and deep down, want to be closer to you.

However, when the sexual part comes in, it can get really puzzling.

If you’ve recently been told by a guy that he dreamt about you sexually, you’ll most probably be concerned. Like, why did he had such dream? Is there some meaning behind it?

In this article, we will examine this common occurrence and why it happens.

What Causes Sexual Dreams?

Dreams naturally occur as a result of a rapid eyeball movement (REM) during sleep. This causes a chain of inner thoughts including daily experiences, emotions, and subconscious desires.

Sexual dreams, like every other dreams, are often triggered when a person has an increase in sexual desires while awake. This can cause the person to have dreams of himself having sex with someone, usually the one he’s having the sexual desire for.

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Various people interprete sexual dreams in different ways, even adding religious beliefs to it. However, this occurrence is a biological one, and is usually nothing to worry about.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Dreams About You Sexually?

If a guy dreams about you sexually, it is often because he has a longing for you and is bottling it deep down.

He might have had similar imaginations during the day and his subconscious mind is replaying these imaginations in his dream.

This is not always true for every case of a sexual dreams though.

The human mind can be highly imaginative during dreams. Thus, the guy who dreamt about you sexually may not necessarily lust for you in reality.

The imaginative power of his mind might have brought about the dream and reflected something out of his true intentions.

It is important to keep that in mind before making any judgement about the dream.

How do You Tell His True Feelings?

Have an open conversation with him. A honest, open conversation can help reveal what his true feelings towards you are.

Try asking him calmly why he thinks he had that dream and how he feels about you.

In most cases, he might be secretly crushing on you but finding it hard to let you know.

If he reveals he has feelings for you, the decision to extend your relationship or not is yours to make.


In conclusion, there’s no one-size-fits-all interpretation when a guy dream about you in a sexual context.

Different factors such as his daily experience, desires, and sheer imaginations can cause this to happen.

Therefore, avoid jumping to conclusions based on the content of his dream. Take steps to find out how he really feels so as to understand his true emotions.

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