What Does It Mean When a Guy Holds Eye Contact And Smiles?

If a guy casually makes eye contact with you, it might not necessarily be a cause for worry. Guys do that a lot.

But what happens when he holds that eye contact for a couple of seconds and then smiles at you. Now that’s no longer casual and perhaps, needs some investigation.

Among the various ways in which guys show their feelings or even communicate via eye contact, holding eye contact and smiling isn’t such a common one.

Girls often do this with guys, usually when they are attracted to him. But guys with girls, not very common.

If a guy recently held eye contact with you and smiled, you’re probably curious to know why he did that.

We’ll examine some of the common reasons why guys smile after holding an eye contact in this article.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Holds Eye Contact And Smiles?

First of all, keep in mind that situations different and so, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to why a guy would smile after an eye contact.

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However, there are some common possibilities as to why he acted that way. Here are some of them:

1. He is attracted to you

Similar to girls, guys may also smile when they set their eyes on someone attractive.

He might have been attracted to you as he held eye contact and smiled in response to the feeling.

2. He is interested in what you’re saying

If you were in the midst of a conversation when he made that gesture, it could be that he’s interested in what you’re saying.

You might have used well chosen words which impressed him and caused him to smile. Or he might simply be intrigued with the conversation or the direction it’s heading.

3. He might be signalling he’s approachable

Another possible reason why a guy might hold eye contact with you and smile is that he’s signalling to you that he’s approachable.

Perhaps you initiated the eye contact and he feels you want to speak with him but are scared to approach him first.

He may then smile to ease the tension, indirectly telling you you can approach him if you wish.

4. He is flirting with you

Guys display various facial expressions when showing romantic interest to a girl.

Holding eye contact and smiling can be a sign he’s flirting with you. If that’s the case, he might also display some verbal or non-verbal signals as well.

5. He is showing friendliness

In some cases, there no special meaning behind a guy’s stare and smile. He may simply be showing friendliness to you.

Both eye contacts and smiles are attributes of friendliness among guys and girls alike. Everyone looks their friends in the eyes and smile as well.

5. He is showing sincerity

Again, if you were in a conversation when he made the expression, he might be doing that to show sincerity.

People often smile softly while making eye contact to show sincerity in whatever they’re saying to you.

He might have smiled to communicate sincerely in what he’s saying to you.

6. He is in a cheerful mood

His general mood and state of mind may also contribute to his facial expressions around you.

It’s quite common for people to smile and make eye contact more when they’re in a happy mood.

If he is in a cheerful mood, he might find himself smiling and feeling at ease to maintain eye contact with you. He might not even realize he’s doing it.


Different things could cause a guy to hold eye contact and smile with you. The key to understanding the cause of his actions is to pay close attention to the context of the occurrence as well as other actions he make after that.

Remember that people express their feelings through different facial expressions. So, do not be in a haste to judge a guy when he makes eye contact and smiles. Instead, take time to examine his actions and you’ll surely get the point.

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