What Does It Mean When You Drop The Blunt And You’re a Girl?

The term drop the blunt, is quite a commonly used one in the context of relationships.

While some are quite conversant with this and many other similar terms, some don’t fully grasp the meaning, especially when it is used to describe an action of a girl.

Dropping the blunt is a slang with quite a broad spectrum of meanings.

It is used to describe different actions in various areas of life including lack of attention, oversight among partnes, missed opportunity in life, and cheating in a relationship.

When used in relationship with the female gender, the meaning of term drop the blunt is mostly reduced to a single point of focus – Cheating in a relationship.

In this article, we will find out what dropping the blunt literally mean, how it relates to relationships, and what it mean when a girl drops the blunt.

What Does It Literally Mean to Drop the Blunt?

To drop the blunt literally mean to accidentally drop a cigarette, allowing it fall off your hand onto the ground.

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Blunt literally refer to a cigarette, typically a marijuana cigarette.

Smokers tend to get slumpy and lack alertness when they smoke. This dizziness resulting from heavy smoking can cause them to get clumsy in their actions, including little ones like holding the cigarette stick in their fingers.

As a result, they may accidentally let the cigarette slip off their hand and fall to the floor.

When this happens, they are said to have dropped the blunt.

Like a number of others, this simple action has found it’s way into the vocabulary, forming a connotation used to describe different things that happens to people.

One very prominent aspect of life the phrase is used is in relationships.

What Does It Mean to Drop The Blunt In a Relationship?

When used in a relationship context, to drop the blunt means to find out your partner’s cheating on you.

This might not really seem related to the literal meaning of the phrase, but somehow, the phrase has been adopted for that purpose.

With regards to gender, the term is more commonly used with men. It is not uncommon, however, for the expression to be used for a girl.

What Does It Mean When You Drop The Blunt And You’re a Girl?

As a girl, when you’re said to “drop the blunt”, the meaning doesn’t change. It simply means you found out your partner is cheating on you behind your back.

This is a widespread problem in many relationships today, that of a guy cheating on his girlfriend. It leads to hurt, lack of trust, or even a breakup between couples.

What does it mean to drop the blunt in a relationship

what does it mean when you drop the blunt and you’re a girl

What Can You Do If You Drops The Blunt?

If you happen to drop the blunt in your relationship, it can be a bitter experience, one that can leave you angry and lost as to what action to take.

But rather than getting all annoyed and worked up, you can do something more helpful about the situation. Here are some steps you can take if you drop the blunt as a girl:

1. Process your feelings

This is the first step you should take when confronted with a challenging situation as a cheating partner.

You may experience such feelings as shock, anger, sadness, and even confusion.

Taking time to relax and process your feelings will help you find out how you feel about the situation and what step to take.

2. Have an open conversation with him

Openly communicating with your partner can help provide insight into the issue and alleviate some burden from your mind.

You might even get some extra information which can provide some clarity into the cause of the infidelity.

3. Seek support

When faced with challenging situations like this, you need not carry it on your own. You might need to seek support from a friend or family member to assist in addressing the issue.

If the issue becomes persistent, you may choose to seek counseling from a reputable relationship counselor. This will go a long way in providing emotional assistance.


Dropping the blunt as a girl simply refers to discovering your partner is cheating on you. When a girl drops the blunt, it can be a disheartening experience.

Whatever the case, don’t let that rob you of your joy. Put the necessary effort and you’ll be sure to help your relationship progress to better heights.

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