What Do Guys Want When They Are Sick? 13 Things He Really Need

It can be a challenge trying to what goes on in a guy’s mind when he’s sick.

You know, when your guy is all curled up under a blanket, surrounded by crumpled tissues, and emitting those occasional sniffles and groans. You often can’t help but wonder what he might want from you.

When it comes to being sick, men often get a bad rap. They’re portrayed as big babies who can’t handle a little sniffle without turning into a drama queen.

But the truth is, guys experience sickness differently than women.

And while they may not always express it in the most eloquent or obvious ways, they definitely have their own set of needs and desires when they’re feeling under the weather.

In this article, we’ll take a peep into the male sick mindset and uncover what guys really want when they’re sick.

From the basic necessities like chicken soup and a comfy couch to the more important aspects of emotional support and understanding, we’ll dig them all.

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At the end of the day, you’ll be better equipped to care for and support your guy through his illness.

What Does He Wants You to Do When He’s Sick?

When your guy is sick, all he really wants is your care and attention.

He might not say it outright, but knowing that you’re there for him can make all the difference.

Here are some things he really wants you to do to show him that you’re there to support him through his illness:

1. Lend him a helping hand

Guys appreciate it a lot when their partner lends them a helping hand while they’re sick.

It shows that you care about their well-being and are willing to support them during a challenging time

You can lend him a helping hand by taking care of tasks that he might find challenging or draining while he’s sick.

For example, you could prepare meals for him, make sure he stays hydrated by regularly offering him water or tea, or assist him with any medications he needs to take.

Additionally, you could help him with household chores such as cleaning, doing laundry, or running errands so that he can focus on resting and recuperating.

Offering to pick up groceries or medications for him can also be a big help.

In short, he’ll greatly appreciate anything, anything at all you can do to lighten his load and make his recovery easier.

2. Offer a listening ear

Offering a listening ear when your guy is sick is more than just hearing his words; it’s about being present and attentive to his needs, both physical and emotional.

When he’s not feeling well, he may experience a lot of emotions, ranging from frustration to worry or even fear.

Whenever he speaks, actively listening to him. Create a space where he can express these feelings without judgment or interruption.

Lean in, make eye contact, and nod to show that you’re fully engaged in what he’s saying.

Encourage him to share how he’s feeling, whether it’s about his symptoms, concerns about his health, or anything else that’s on his mind.

Sometimes, just knowing that someone is there to listen can provide immense comfort and relief.

So, be patient, empathetic, and supportive as he opens up to you.

When you actively listen to him, you show him that you truly care about his well-being. This will not just help him recover quicker, but also strengthen the bond between you.

3. Do the chores

Chores, chores, chores. Everyone living in a home has a lot of them to take care of each day.

When your guy is sick, there are several things he won’t be able to do. Stepping in to tackle the chores can make a significant difference in easing their burden and allowing him to focus on getting better.

Taking over tasks like cooking, cleaning, or running errands can alleviate their stress and ensure that household responsibilities don’t pile up while they’re under the weather.

Whether it’s doing the dishes, vacuuming the floors, or taking out the trash, every chore you handle allows them to conserve their energy and prioritize rest.

Additionally, seeing you take charge of these responsibilities demonstrates your willingness to support them through thick and thin, fostering a sense of teamwork and mutual care in the relationship.

So, roll up your sleeves, grab the mop or the broom, and let your actions speak volumes about your commitment to their well-being.

4. Help him with his meds

Don’t get carried away by helping him with household tasks that you forget his medications.

Being sick, he could easily forget to take his medicines or miss the timing for them. That’s where you

Start by organizing his medications in a convenient and easily accessible location, such as a pill organizer or a designated area on the counter.

Make sure he understands the dosage instructions and any special considerations, like whether to take them with food or at specific times of the day.

You can also set reminders on his phone or create a schedule to ensure he doesn’t miss any doses.

If he’s feeling too unwell to manage his medications himself, offer to administer them for him, but always be cool and not too bossy about it.

Additionally, keep track of any changes in his symptoms and let him know about it. Also communicate it with healthcare professionals if needed.

Don’t forget to keep providing emotional support and encouragement throughout the process, reassuring him that you’re there to help him stay on top of his treatment and get back to feeling better soon.

5. Give him a massage

Your guy might really appreciate a massage when he’s sick!

Except from the general pleasure of getting a massage, it can also help him relax and feel more comfortable, especially if he’s dealing with aches and pains.

To give the best massage, find a comfy spot for him to lie down, like the bed or couch.

Use gentle, slow strokes and light pressure, focusing on areas like his shoulders, back, and feet where he might be feeling tense or sore.

You can even add some warm oil or lotion to make it extra soothing.

Pay attention to his cues and ask for feedback to make sure you’re hitting the right spots and not applying too much pressure.

With a little bit of TLC, your massage can help him feel a whole lot better in no time!

What Do Guys Love to Eat/Drink When They’re Sick?

Apart from taking care of his physical and and emotional needs, it’ll also be great to prepare some healthy meals for your guy.

Feeding him with nutritious and of course, yummy foods can be really comforting to him during the time of his illness.

A simple homemade meal or a favorite treat can go a long way in lifting his spirits and giving him the energy he needs to recover.

In case you’re out of ideas of what to prepare for him, here are some ideas of foods and beverages your guy will surely enjoy when he’s sick:

1. Soup

Soup is like a superhero when your guy is feeling under the weather.

It’s warm, comforting, and packed with nutrients that can help boost his immune system and give him the energy he needs to fight off whatever bug he’s battling.

Whether it’s classic chicken noodle soup, hearty vegetable soup, or soothing miso soup, the warmth and nourishment it provides can work wonders for his body and soul.

Plus, it’s easy on the stomach, which is perfect for those days when even thinking about solid food feels like a chore.

So, don’t hesitate to whip up his favorite soup and watch as it works its magic to help him feel better in no time.

2. Tea

A warm cup of tea is another great idea when a guy is sick.

Not only does it provide much-needed hydration, but certain types of tea, like herbal teas, can also have soothing properties that can help alleviate symptoms like a sore throat or congestion.

You could go for some classic chamomile for relaxation, peppermint for its refreshing menthol aroma, or ginger tea to ease nausea.

The warmth of the tea will also give him a really comforting and cozy feel, helping him relax and feel a little better during his recovery.

3. BRAT meal

A brat meal, which typically consists of bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast, can be a good idea when your guy is sick.

These bland and easily digestible foods can help soothe his stomach and provide gentle nourishment when he might not feel like eating much else.

The simplicity of a brat meal can also help to avoid triggering any further discomfort or upset.

Plus, these foods are generally easy to prepare, so it won’t add extra stress to your plate when you’re already taking care of him.

Just remember to listen to his preferences and adjust the meal accordingly so he’ll get the perfect meal he desires.

4. Oatmeal

Preparing oatmeal for your sick guy is a great idea!

Oatmeal is not only comforting and easy to digest, but it’s also packed with nutrients to help him feel better faster.

It’s also customizable. You can add his favorite toppings like honey, fruits, or nuts to make it extra tasty and nutritious.

Whether he prefers it warm and creamy or chilled with some yogurt and berries, oatmeal is sure to hit the spot and provide him with the energy he needs to recover.

So go ahead and whip up a bowl of hearty oatmeal for your sick guy. He’ll definitely appreciate the thoughtful gesture and the delicious comforting meal!

What Else Do Your Guy Want When He’s Sick?

Even after helping him out in various ways and preparing soothing dishes, you could still go a little further and engage him out in a number of cool activities.

A few simple activities can provide a distraction from the discomforts of his illness and lift his spirits.

Here are some activities you can enjoy with your guy to make him feel better:

1. Have a movie night

Having a movie night can be a great way to lift his spirits and distract him from his illness.

Pick out his favorite films or some light-hearted comedies to create a cozy atmosphere at home.

Snuggle up together under blankets with some popcorn or his favorite snacks, and let the movie magic work its charm.

Movie doesn’t just provide entertainment, it also gives him a chance to relax and take his mind off his symptoms for a while.

It also give you a good chance to quality time together which will strengthen your bond and make him feel cared for and supported during his illness and thereafter.

Having a movie night is sure to put a smile on his face and help him feel better quicker than you thought.

2. Play some board games

Playing board games can be a fun and distracting way to help your guy feel better when he’s sick.

Just like watching movies, playing games also gives him something to focus on other than his pains and fevers.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to spend quality time together and enjoy each other’s company, even if he’s not feeling 100%.

Choose games that are easy to play and don’t require too much energy or concentration, like card games or simple board games.

Remember to take it easy and go at his pace, and most importantly, have fun!

3. Read him a book

Choose a book that he enjoys or one with a calming and engaging story.

Sit beside him, get cozy under a blanket, and if he’s strong enough, take turns reading passages aloud.

The sound of your voice can be incredibly reassuring, and the shared experience can help strengthen your bond during his illness.

Consider genres like humor, adventure, a favorite childhood story, or any other book that brings joy and relaxation, and can provide a pleasant escape from the reality of being sick.

If he has a favorite author or series, that could be an excellent choice as well.

It’s a simple yet meaningful way to show him that you’re there for him, even in the smallest of ways.

So, grab a book and let the reading session begin – it might just be the perfect remedy to lift his spirits while he rests and recovers.

4. Snuggle up

A simple thing like snuggling up with your guy when he’s sick can be just what the doctor ordered.

Even on a normal day, guys love the warmth and emotional support which results from being cuddled with a girl they love.

Whether you’re cuddled together on the couch watching his favorite movie or cozied up in bed with a good book, the closeness and intimacy of snuggling can make him feel loved and cared for.

The physical contact can release those feel-good hormones in him which will help boost his mood and alleviate some of his symptoms.

So, don’t hesitate to wrap him in a warm embrace and snuggle up close – it might just be the best medicine he could ask for.


When your guy is sick, he’s not just looking for a cure for his sniffles and sneezes – he’s seeking comfort, care, and understanding.

From lending a helping hand with his medications to offering a listening ear and snuggling up for some quality time together, your support can make all the difference in his recovery.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that your gestures of kindness and affection can go a long way in helping him feel better both physically and emotionally.

By showing him that you’re there for him through thick and thin, you’re not just taking care of him when he’s sick – you’re strengthening your bond and building a foundation of love and support that will endure long after the cold shivers have passed.


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