What Happens When You Stop Texting Your Ex?

After breaking up with your ex, you might still send a few friendly texts to them, perhaps to check up on them and find out how they’re going.

But at some point, you might feel the need to put a halt to the texts. This is often the case when you eventually move on and find someone else.

If you’re in a similar situation, you might find yourself wondering what could result when you stop texting your ex.

Would they mind less as you wish? Or would they have some unexpected reaction which could backfire on you? How would you feel afterwards?

In this article, we will discuss some common things that happens when you stop texting your ex.

What Happens When You Stop Texting Your Ex?

When you stop texting your ex, a number of things typically happen. Different reactions and actions typically result from this action.

Here are some things which will most likely happen when you stop texting your ex:

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1. They’ll feel you’ve moved on

When some days have gone by without you texting your ex as usual, the first feeling they’ll often get is that you’ve moved on.

They’ll often think you’ve completely lost interest in them and you’ve finally let go of the relationship altogether. They might as well move on with their lives as well.

2. They’ll chase after you

Not every “ex” like the position they find themselves. While you guys text each other, they might be secretly be wishing you both could get back together.

If your ex is that way, they might resort to chase you when they sense that you aren’t communicating anymore.

They may send texts or call you repeatedly afterward in a bid to reestablish the little connection you have left. They’ll feel if they don’t do so, they could lose you for life, which they don’t want.

3. You’ll have better focus on your new relationship

If you’re in a new relationship already, putting a stop to texting your ex will make you have a better focus on your new relationship.

You’ll avoid

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