What Should a Guy Do When a Girl Is On Her Period?

A girl’s monthly period can introduce a wide range of feelings to her partner, among which confusion takes a high rank.

Each time a girl battles with her monthly period, her partner will most often feel empathy for her as she goes through all that pains, but yet, lack knowledge on how best he can help her.

There are several things a guy can do while a girl is on her period to help her cope and regain some joy.

Of course, he can’t stop the pain and discomfort that follows the period, but he can help support and comfort her so she gets through with it more easily.

What Should a Guy Do When a Girl Is On Her Period?

While his girlfriend/wife is on her period, a guy’s primary aim should be to provide as much support and comfort to her.

Thankfully, he doesn’t have to do so much himself. There are several simple but effective ways he can achieve that.

Here are some steps guys can take to ease the stress when their girl is on her period:

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1. Show empathy to her

One of the most foremost ways a guy can support a girl when she’s on her period is by showing empathy to her.

This goes beyond merely feeling empathy for her. He have to take steps to ensure she feels his concern for her as she endures her pains.

He can achieve that by consoling her and offering help when necessary.

2. Communicate with her

Keeping the communication lines open is vital when a girl is on her period.

A common mistake some guys make is to back away and communicate less with their girl when she’s on her period reasoning that she needs time alone.

While she might truly need some space and not be in a mood for chit chats, shutting off all communication won’t go well with her at all.

While on her period, a guy would do well to maintain an open and helpful communication with his girl. Ask how she’s feeling and if there’s anyway he can help her.

This can help him find other ways he can be of support to her.

3. Offer to help with household chores

Another way a guy can offer assistance to a girl on her period is to offer to help with daily chores.

Helping her out with cooking, shopping groceries, and doing dishes will provide great relief to her.

She will be able to rest more and get a quicker relief when she receives help with household chores.

4. Get her pads and medications

To further show his affection, a caring guy can buy his girl some pads and any other sanitary products she may need.

He can also get her whatever pain relief medications she may need.

This action will not only provide material support for his girl during her period, but also display his care for her.

5. Offer a massage

Offering a massage is another practical way to ease her pains and provide some relief.

Gentle massages can help ease cramps and muscle tension, which are common during menstrual periods.

If the girl agrees, the guy can gently massage her stomach and back. She’ll gain some relief and enjoy it as well.


There are various things a guy can do when a girl is on her period to provide support and care for her.

By putting the suggestions in this article to practice, he’ll be able to provide support for her and be that loving and caring partner she needs the most.

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