When a Guy Calls You a Smokeshow: What it Means And How to Respond

Various slangs have been introduced into the world of dating lately, including some weird ones.

Guys especially are fans of these new terms.

With each passing day, new terms evolve and find their way into the mouths of many guys, leaving the girls to wonder what each one means.

A recent slang guys often use on girls is Smokeshow.

Guys often use this term amongst themselves when referring to a girl. But at times, they may call a girl a smokeshow directly.

If a guy have recently called you a smokeshow, you’ll surely be curious to know the meaning of this odd term and how it relates to you.

In this article, you will learn what the term smokeshow mean, why guys use it when referring to girls, and how best to respond when a guy call you a smokeshow.

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Let’s begin with the meaning of the term.

What is a Smokeshow?

The term smokeshow is used to describe a goodlooking or attractive person, particularly a woman.

It is a common term in North America, especially in the United States and Canada.

The term smokeshow itself portrays a smoke/fire in display. Just as a fire has a mesmerizing effect on anyone viewing it, an attractive lady also gives off a stunning appearance, one that can stop people in their tracks.

Though it is at times used by girls to describe a handsome guy, it is more commonly used among guys to describe a beautiful, captivating girl.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You a Smokeshow?

When a guy calls you a smokeshow, he does so as a compliment.

Don’t get carried away by the smoke or show in the term. Guys use this term for girls they admire.

A guy who calls you a smokeshow must have found you exceptionally attractive and found you deserving the compliment.

Thus, when next you hear a Hey smokeshow from a guy, just know you’ve gotten his attention.

Why Would a Guy Call You a Smokeshow?

Knowing the meaning of smokeshow is one thing. Knowing the motive behind the name is another.

A guy could call you a smokeshow for a number of reasons. Here are some common reasons why a guy might address you with that slang:

1. He is complementing you

One of the most common reason why a guy might call you a smokeshow is as a complement.

He may do this if he find you attractive. Or it could be a casual compliment without any slight romantic intent.

Whatever the case, being called a smokeshow is often a complement to your beauty and appearance.

2. He is showing his attraction to you

Being called a smokeshow isn’t always a casual compliment. A guy might call you a smokeshow to slyly communicate his physical attraction to you.

Your beauty might have caught his attention, and he knows no better way to let you know he’s falling for you but to tell you you’re beautiful, indirectly.

3. He is boosting your confidence

Guys may call you sweet names to boost your confidence and flatter you.

Perhaps he observed you lack as much confidence in yourself as he feel you should.

He may then acknowledge your beauty by calling you a smokeshow with the aim of giving a little boost to your morale.

4. He might be flirting with you

If a guy call you a smokeshow or any other similar complement, there’s also a possibility he’s just flirting with you.

Guys flirt with girls a lot.

They may do so using various complements, all with the aim of creating a connection and showing a romantic interest in you.

How Should You Respond When a Guy Calls You a Smokeshow?

Receiving a complementary comment from a guy can be sweet and flattering. Knowing how to respond properly might be a little tricky, especially when you’re not to familiar with the compliment.

When a guy calls you a smokeshow, your response will largely depend on the nature of your relationship as well as your feelings towards him and the remark.

Here are some general ways you can respond when a guy calls you a smokeshow:

1. Graciously accept the compliment

If you don’t mind being complimented this way, you can accept the compliment.

A simple “Thank you” with a smile is quite sufficient to show your appreciation for the compliment.

2. Respond with a playful remark

If the guy gave you the compliment in a playful context, you can give him a playful reply in return.

You may compliment or tease him as well, maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere.

3. Express your feelings to him

If you sense a romantic intent behind his compliment and you yourself have a thing for him, you can sieze the opportunity to let him know how you feel as well.

You can give him a compliment as well, or use some other way to express your feelings to him. Who knows, that might be a start of something big.

4. Decline the compliment if need be

If you’re uncomfortable with being called a smokeshow, you can respectfully decline the compliment.

While acknowledging the remark with grace, express your dislike for the compliment in a polite manner.


In conclusion, being called a smokeshow is typically a flattering compliment that highlights your physical attractiveness. When received from a guy, it indicates that he observed your beauty and wish to acknowledge complimentarily.

Each situation is different however, and the specific meaning of the remark can vary depending on the context.

Thus, when choosing your response, put into consideration your own feelings and the dynamics of the situation so as to present the best response that’ll align with the specific situation.

Regardless of your response, being called a smokeshow should give you a boost in confidence of the distinct beauty and attractiveness you possess.

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