When a Guy Says He Is Sexually Frustrated: 6 Actions You Should Take

You’re having a regular discussion with a guy, actually, not a normal one as he appears unhappy about something.

You show concern and ask what the matter is only for him to give you the most unexpected reply possible. He says he’s sexual frustrated.

What exactly does he mean? What does he want from you?

Many girls have found theselves in a similar situation, where a guy tells them he’s sexually frustrated.

It can be quite perplexing figuring out his feelings and motives, and even more complex, how to respond.

This article will help you understand why guy may feel sexually frustrated and how you should respond.

What Does It Mean To Be Sexually Frustrated?

Sexual frustration simply refers to the frustration which results from an unsatisfying sex.

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In simple terms, when someone has sex but doesn’t get satisfied sexually, they are sexually frustrated.

This is not to be confused with sexual starvation or being horny. They are different things altogether.

A person can have sex as many times in a day but still be sexually frustrated. Though he gets the sex, he lacks the pleasure and satisfaction he desires from the activity.

But why?

Why Might a Guy Be Sexually Frustrated?

A guy can get sexually frustrated for a number of reasons.

It could be as a result of him not being in a good relationship with his partner. Perhaps, he had a fight with her earlier that day and the frustration found it’s way to the bedroom.

Or maybe he or his partner, or both of them, were stressed out by the day’s activities and they ended up with a low performance on the bed.

A misaligned sexual desire can also be the culprit. When both partners have different sexual desires, it often leaves them unsatisfying and frustrated at the end.

Other factors such as a low libido and sexual trauma could also cause a guy to be sexually frustrated.

What Should You Do When a Guy Says He Is Sexually Frustrated?

When a guy tells you he’s sexually frustrated, it can put you on a tough spot.

If he’s your boyfriend or husband, you may worry about what you can do to get rid of this problem. If he’s not, you might still worry about how you should tackle the situation properly.

Here are some actions you can take in both situations:

When Your Partner is Sexually Frustrated

If your boyfriend or husband says he’s sexually frustrated, you may worry about what you can do to alleviate this problem. Here are some actions you can take:

1. Improve the intimacy during your sex

A very efficient way to alleviate sexual frustration from your relationship is to improve the intimacy of your sex.

Doing this can help give him the satisfaction he desires without getting frustrated afterwards.

2. Connect physically without sex

When you sense the sexual frustration your partner experiences is not from the bed, you should make an effort to improve your overall relationship with him.

You can improve the frequency of hugs and kisses, and hold hands more often. Try whatever you can to improve your relationship with him and you’re sure to have a better sex afterwards.

When a Guy Who’s Not Your Partner Tells You He’s Sexually Frustrated

If a guy you’re not in a relationship with, perhaps tells you he’s sexually frustrated, you may as well find yourself at a loss on what to do to help him.

It can also be suspicious, for obvious reasons.

Here are a few actions you can take in such a situation:

1. Offer some advise

Give him some advise on how he can tackle the sexual frustration in his relationship. Help him see the need for a good out-of-bed relationship with his partner.

2. Back off, if necessary

If you sense some alterior motive behind his statement, do not hesitate to back off. You can simply tell him you’re sorry for his problem and change the topic.


Various factors can contribute to a lack of sexual satisfaction in a guy, each having it’s specific solution. If a guy should tell you he is sexually frustrated, it is up to you to examine the specific situation and respond adequately.

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