When to Sleep With a Guy You Met Online

So you met this guy online and you really love him. Yeah, you’ve sent a lot of texts, exchanged several pictures, and probably had some video chats as well.

But now he wants to come visiting or would like you to come over to his place. Or perhaps you’re the one who wants to initiate the meeting.

Whatever the case, things are going to go off the screens as you both will be meeting with each other and you know what that would mean – There’s every possibility things could get intimate.

Several Hows and Wheres will surely be going through your mind, but there’s one question which will most likely be pounding in your mind and that is When?

When is the time right to go sexual with a guy you met online?

We’ll answer that in this article.

When to Sleep With a Guy You Met Online?

If you’re expecting a specific number of weeks as an answer to this question, you might be disappointed. There’s no specific timeframe for dating a guy online after which you’re good to sleep with him.

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The best time to sleep with a guy you met online is a straightforward one – When you feel comfortable to.

Of course, you don’t want to get used and dumped by some selfish dude who care less about your feelings. That’s why you should let a considerable amount of time to pass by before getting sexual with him.

I suggest having at least a month of non-intimate relationship before sleeping with him. This will give you enough time to assess his behavior and overall character to be sure he isn’t just some random player and is serious about the relationship.

Once you ascertain he’s serious and genuine, which should take a month or more, you can then go for it. Otherwise, it would be best to casual avoid/decline sleeping with him as the case may be.

How Do You Know If a Guy You Met Online Is Serious?

Truth be told, it can be quite tricky to tell whether a guy you met online is serious about you and the relationship you’re building or if he’s just out for a fling.

This is an important factor you need to consider before deciding if the time is right to sleep with a guy you met online. Wrong observation and decoding of his character can cause a lot of disappointment afterward.

First, you need to trust your instincts to tell how serious he is. By instincts, I’m not talking about that eager part of your mind that’s pushing you to just go give a shot with him.

You have to pause and examine your mind, and ask yourself what you really feel about this guy. If you’ve had some guys ghost you right after sleeping with them in the past, look out to see if he’s in any way similar to them.

Your instincts will be your first guide to know if your guy is serious and not just after sex.

Apart from that, you can also look out for some telltale signs that a guy is just after sex. Here are some common signs:

  • He can’t wait to come to your place.
  • Always saying how sexy you look in your pics.
  • He hardly converse with you without mentioning sex or anything related.
  • Care less about how you spent your day or what you’ve been up to lately.

If you sense any of these or similar signs in your guy, it would be wise to reassess your relationship and not waste any time in pulling away if necessary.


When to sleep with a guy you met online is a no rules thing. You’re free to do so whenever you’re comfortable with him and sure he’s serious about the relationship.

Thus, be observant so you don’t end up getting intimate with who don’t deserve it. When you’re sure he’s genuinely into you, feel free to move over to the bed with him and enjoy your merry nights to come.

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