When You Leave a Guy Alone Who Ghost You, What Is He Thinking?

Being ghosted is a common dating problem experienced by many today. It occurs when one a guy or a girl suddenly chooses to cut off communication with with his partner without any reason at all.

It is more common for the guy to be the ghoster, and the girl the victim.

Relationships thrives with communication, and when that communication ceases in any relationship, the affection between the couple simply fades away.

It is no surprise then, that when a guy ghosts his girlfriend, the relationship often ends up crumbling as each day passes without a word.

If a guy has ghosted you to the point where you call it off between you and him, you might be wondering what’s going on in those silent mind of his afterwards.

Your line of thoughts might be something like:

He must be sad and brokenhearted by the sudden breakup. Oh no, he shouldn’t be, he ghosted he me in the first place. He must be happy I’m finally out of his life . . . maybe not, he isn’t that cruel, he should miss me at least. Perhaps he’s thinking of coming to beg for a second chance . . . or is he already with some other girl. Nah, not possible, but maybe . . .

Well, relax your mind, thinking too much will only stress you the more.

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When a guy ghosts a girl and she breaks up with him, there are a couple of feelings that could be running through his mind.

The specific feelings he’ll have differs from guy to guy as each has different thinking pattern and reason for ghosting their girl.

But somehow, they all share a general thinking pattern and feel similar emotions in this situation as I’ll be sharing in this article.

When You Leave a Guy Alone Who Ghost You, What Is He Thinking?

Leaving a ghosting guy would introduce a number of thoughts to his mind. Some might come shortly after leaving him, others later.

Here are some typical feelings a ghoster might experience after his girl goes away:

1. He may be regretting his actions

Often times, a guy who ghosts you will regret his actions after you have left him.

Though he pushed you far from him in the first place, he might not have seen a breakup coming.

He might have seen ghosting as an easy way to avoid you for whatever reason he want to. But when you eventually leave him alone, regret sets in and often get stronger by the day.

He would often regret not being more manly and resolving the issues with you but shying away, thinking it’s the best move.

2. He may feel guilty for the pain he caused you

In addition to feeling regret for not handling the situation properly, he may also feel guilty for causing you so much pain through the period he ghosted you.

That guilt can last for a long time, from a couple of months to even years.

He may keep thinking about his past actions and keep wishing he had taken another approach which would have spared you the heartache of having to go through the silent treatment and eventually the breakup.

3. He may be scared of confrontation

Most times, a fear of confrontation is the cause of the ghosting in the first place.

He might have done something that hurts you, and instead of reaching out to settle the differences, resort to leaving you to yourself.

Now that you’ve eventually left him for good, his mistake must have dawned on him.

Though he might crave to have another chance with you, deep down, he may fear stumbling across you again.

4. He might be really confused about his feelings

Confusion can set in big time for the guy who ghosts you after you leave him.

He might begin to question his love for you, as well as what steps to take afterwards.

He may find difficuly expressing his feelings to friends and family members who ask what the matter is.

He may just lack clarity on his own feelings and emotions, making him feel really confused, uncertain, and insecure.

5. He may thinks he just can’t maintain a relationship

After you leave him, he might begin to replay several scenes during the relationship, most especially the not-too-good ones.

If he has been in a previous relationship, he might also begin to recall some lapses he had make in them.

These would often make him feel incompetent in a relationship. Like he doesn’t have what it takes to maintain a healthy relationship.

Low self-esteem could set in.

In some cases, he might take to the bars and clubs just to clear his head and make him feel better, which most probably won’t work.

6. He might be chasing after someone else

When you leave a ghoster, he may decide to go after another girl.

Most guys do this in an attempt to relieve themselves of the emotions that throb them after the breakup.

Sad to say, but your ex boyfriend might have pushed your image to the back of his mind and is now after some other girl.

However, if he shifted his focus to someone else simply to ease his mind, there’s a possibility that new relationship would not last long.

But who knows, he might find true love and move on successfully.

8. He may be hoping you’ll return to him

Quite surprising, isn’t it? It’s the truth though.

Even after ghosting you so much that you leave him, he may still silently hope that you’ll come ringing his doorbell to return to him.

He might feel that the separation will help you both cool off and rekindle your love for each other.

He might be waking up every morning with strong hopes that you’ll come back to him and together, you’ll make things work out together.


When you leave a guy alone who has ghosted you, a multitude of thoughts and emotions can crowd his mind. Each person is different, and so his feelings afterwards will often depend on his mindset and the specific situation surrounding his actions.

It can be tempting to dwell on the past and keep trying to imagine what he’s thinking and going through at the moment. However, it would be beneficial to focus on your well-being and recovery instead of getting yourself all worked up with trying to get into his mind.

If he reaches out to you again, it will be up to you to decide whether you want to engage in a conversation and potentially seek closure or move on with your life. Remember that your feelings and needs are just as valid as anyone else’s, and you deserve to be with someone who values and respects you.

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