Why Do Guys Get Boners When They Poop?

Getting an erection while pooping is a quite common occurrence among many guys.

This can be very strange for them. There’s nothing arousing in the toilet so why get an erection when pooping?

There are a couple of reasons why this might occurs.

This article will provide the answer to why guys get an erection when they poop

Why Do Guys Get Boners When They Poop?

There are two possible reasons why a guy might get a boner when they poop.

One reason is an increase blood flow to the penis while the other has to do with the nervous system.

1. Penile blood flow

As you most probably know already, an erection occur when blood flows into the penis and pressurize it.

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When pooping, the pressure you put in to poop might cause an increase in the flow of blood into the penis, causing an erection.

Due to the closeness of the penis to the rectum (the part of the intestine right next to the anus), when force is applied while pooping, more blood will come to both the penis and rectum.

The penis gets filled up with blood as the faeces exits the anus, causing the boner.

2. Nervous system induced erection

Another possible reason guys get a boner when they poop is that it is triggered by the nervous system responsible for that action.

The human nervous system can be divided into two main parts – The sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems.

The nervous system controls flight or fight activities often triggered by anger, or fear.

The parasympathetic on the other hand, controls functions such as sexual arousal, digestion, defecation, and saliva and tear production. It is also referred to as rest and digest or feed and breed nervous system.

Both the erection and the bowel movement are controlled by the nervous system. This could explain why the both functions occurs at the same time.

This fact is a possible theory and hasn’t been scientifically proven.

Is Getting Boners When Pooping a Cause of Medical Concern?

No, getting a boner when pooping is a common occurrence among guys and is generally not a cause of medical concern.

As long as the erections are not painful, prolonged, extra large, or unusual in any way, there’s no reason to be concerned or seek medical attention.

Can Boners Be Prevented When Pooping?

Yes. Many guys prevent a boner from occuring by reducing the pressure they apply when pooping.

This is quite an effective method many guys employ to prevent a boner from occuring while they poop.

Others find it helpful to read a book, listen to musics, or do something else which distracts their attention and calms them down while pooping.

Generally, pooping calmly and slowly helps prevent boners from occuring while pooping.


Different things can cause a guy to experience a boner when he poops. It could be caused by the pressure he applies to the action or a nervous reaction.

Good thing is, it is not harmful to get a boner when pooping nor is it a cause for medical attention. It can also be prevented by taking steps to maintain calmness when pooping,

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