Why Do Guys Hold Up 4 Fingers In Pictures?

Have you observed a couple of guys posing for a group photo with some or all of them lifting a hand each, holding up four finger in front of them?

Among the numerous postures guys take when taking pictures, this is one of the most common.

It is so often referred to as throwing up the four or throwing up the deuces. Over the years, this unique gesture has gained popularity quite rapidly among young ones especially.

High school kids, in particular, love to throw up the four when taking group photos.

People also make the gesture in single photos as well. And even quite a number of older ones have embraced this posture when taking photos as well. Some girls have also adopted the pose as well.

So, in summary, pretty much every sort of people throw up the four. Interesting isn’t it?

For those who have knowledge of and use this posture, it has become second nature to them.

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Whenever a phone is lifted to take a shot, the hand also lifts and the fingers automatically get into position.

Those unaware of the gesture, however, often can’t help but gaze at and wonder the meaning behind those four fingers in the air.

If you’re in the latter class, you must be curious to know why guys hold up four fingers when taking pictures. This article will explain the meaning of this posture in full detail.

The practice of holding up four fingers in pictures, often referred to as “throwing up the four” or “throwing up the deuces,” is a social gesture that has gained popularity, especially among young people. While it’s not exclusive to guys, many individuals of all genders adopt this pose for various reasons. In this long-form content, we’ll explore the reasons behind this trend and its cultural significance.

Where Did It All Began?

The gesture of holding up four fingers is one which has no specific origin.

Pretty much no one knows who exactly started it or when and where it began.

Search it up in the internet and you’ll get a whole lot of different opinions on how the pose come to be. No definite answer at all.

The pose has always been common in pop culture though, and of recent, on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

What Does The Four Fingers Gesture Mean?

As with the origin, there’s no definite meaning behind the four fingers gesture.

It most probably had a specific at the time it was invented. But over time, it has gradually lost that meaning.

As at now, the gesture signifies a number of things among different people.

Here are some common interpretations of the meaning of the four fingers gesture:

1. Friendship

This is the most basic meaning of the four finger gesture. Many people who pose this way, especially in group photos, do so to acknowledge the strong friendship that exists between themselves.

2. Celebration of Success

Another meaning behind the four fingers gesture is a celebration of success. People tend to make this posture whenever they attain some success of some kind. It passes the idea of being victorious and at the top of one’s game.

3. Peace

Similar to it’s two-fingered sister posture, this posture often symbolize peace, harmony, and non-violence.

How Did It Get So Popular?

Two major medias have gradually but rapidly popularized the four fingers gesture – Social media and celebrity influence.

Social Media Influence

Users of various social media platforms, particularly TikTok, use the four fingers gesture when taking pictures.

Once uploaded, the images meets to various eyes and many get to learn or relearn the posture. Eventually, it becomes popular.

Celebrity Influence

The influence of celebrities, particularly those in the music industry is another factor which aids the popularity of the trend.

When young ones see their favourite celebrities and role models take that pose in their music videos, they often adopt it and find themselves using it in their pictures.


The practice of holding up four fingers in pictures is a versatile and adaptable gesture with a range of interpretations.

While its exact meaning can differ from one situation to another, it often signifies unity, friendship, success, or a desire to convey a positive message.

As with many trends, the popularity of this gesture is influenced by social media and the influence of celebrities.

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