Why Do I Get Jealous When My Husband Looks At Other Girl?

You’re having a nice stroll down the streets with your husband. Everything’s going well, for the meantime, until he does it. Again.

Your husband’s eyes trail a girl for a few seconds as she walks by, as though there’s something special about her.

You know however, that there’s nothing special about her. He’s just taking a casual and maybe slightly lusty glance at the other girl like most men do.

Nonetheless, you feel a burst of envy in you and can’t help but wonder why you feel this way when you clearly know there’s nothing to be jealous about.

If you often feel some amount of jealousy when your husband looks at other girls, you’re not alone. Many ladies get jealous at the sight of their man’s gaze on any girl apart from them.

For some, it’s just a pinch of envy which often vanishes as fast as it came. Others, however, can turn out to be a full blown jealousy which in some cases, might even cause some resentment.

The common thing which exists is in both situations is that you know your jealousy is not really necessary.

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That brings about the question: Why do you get jealous?

If you experience these jealous feelings whenever your husband looks at other girls, you sure want to know why you feel this way.

This article will identify some of the possible reasons why you get jealous when your husband looks at other girl.

Why Do I Get Jealous When My Husband Looks At Other Girl?

If you often get jealous when you witness your husband look at a girl, several feelings might be causing that reaction in you.

Here are some of the common possible causes of your reaction:

1. You have a low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is one of the major driving forces behind jealousy in many marriages.

When a partner has a low self-esteem, he or she might feel they’re not good enough for the other partner and will in many cases, think their partner feels the same way.

This might be the reason you get jealous when your husband looks at someone else. You might be subconsciously thinking your husband is checking out the other lady who will definitely make a better partner than you.

If care isn’t taken, such feelings can escalate and lead to bigger problems in your marriage.

2. You fear loosing him

Fear of loosing your husband to another lady might be what’s driving that jealousy in you.

If for some reason or the other, you have an inner fear that your husband will walk away from the marriage and you’ll loose him forever, you’ll surely get agitated when he glances at any girl.

Every lady around your husband automatically appears as a rival who’s intending to take your husband from you.

Even if they have nothing to do with your partner, that fear of loss will keep getting you on your nerves whenever he makes any form of interaction with any girl.

This fear is often triggered by past experiences or a deep-seated fear of not being prioritized in the relationship.

3. You’re making comparisons

If you’re fond of comparing yourself with other girls in terms of physical beauty and feminine features, that could be the reason behind your jealousy.

Due to your habit of making comparisons, you’ll most probably do a quick assessment and of course, comparison of any girl who finds their way into your husband’s line of view.

Such comparisons can really blur your sense of reasoning and invoke jealousy. You might feel your husband is making comparisons as well while he might not be.

At the end, you’ll get hurt and end up with a lower self esteem.

4. You lack communication in your marriage

It might seem a little odd to think that communication have a role to play in your jealousy. I mean, what does communication got to do with this?

The thing is, communication got a lot to do with this pretty much every aspect of your marriage. And a lack of it will impact negatively on every aspect of your marriage as well.

When you and your partner don’t communicate effectively about matters relating to your relationship including your boundaries, expectations, and feelings, misunderstandings can easily occur.

If you and your spouse haven’t established clear communication about what is acceptable behavior, for example, you might perceive your husband’s action as inappropriate, making you envious.

5. You have experienced a heart break

If someone has betrayed you and left you for another girl, you are more likely to get jealous and defensive when you see your current partner’s eyes on someone else.

Your past experience might cause you to misinterprete every action your husband make towards a girl to be something deeper.

This can make you view innocent actions of your husband such as taking a casual look at a girl as potential threats, giving rise to jealousy.


A number of reasons could be responsible for your jealousy when your husband looks at other girls. By knowing the common causes of this problem, you’re in a better position to identify the reason behind your emotions, build trust in your husband, and maintain a healthy relationship.

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