Why Do I Keep Making Eye Contact With The Same Girl?

Eye contact can be a powerful form of communication, one which can portray a variety of feelings including interest, curiosity, and attraction.

A guy might make eye contact with a girl if he finds her attractive. But oftentimes, this is nothing more than a short look at her. Nothing more.

However, if the eye contact between a guy and a girl becomes frequent, it could be a subtle indication that there’s more going on behind those eyes.

If you find yourself constantly making eye contact with the same girl, either at school, work, or any other setting, you’ll sure want to know why that happens.

This article will outline some possible reasons why you keep making eye contact with the same girl.

Why Do I Keep Making Eye Contact with the Same Girl?

Here are some of the most probable reasons why you keep making eye contact with the same girl:

1. You are attracted to her

Physical attraction is one of the most probable reasons why you are making repeated eye contact with a girl.

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Eye contact is one of the most prominent reaction which results when a guy is attracted to a girl.

It could be that you find her beautiful, or over the course of time, you might have found some interesting qualities she possess which attracted you to her.

Your frequent eye contact could be an indication that you are attracted to her and that it’s probably time to approach her.

2. She may be attracted to you

If you always find her staring first whenever you make eye contact, there’s a probability that she’s attracted to you.

She might have found you attractive and get lost staring at your face while you’re not looking her direction.

She might be hesitant to come tell you how she feels as most and may even be using the eye contact to draw your attention to her.

Whatever the case, it will be good if you take the bold step to approach her. Who knows what it might lead to.

3. You want to know her better

You may have found her a tad mysterious and want to get to know her better.

Perhaps she’s quite new to that setting and some of her behaviors amazes you and you just have that inner curiosity to get to know more about this girl.

This curiosity makes you take whatever chance you get to watch and learn about her. And so, you find your eyes lingering on her whenever she’s in your range of sight.

4. You are staring habitually

If you’re the type who frequently make eye contact with people in general, you may be making eye contact with her purely out of habit without even realizing it.

This behavior is especially common for people who are naturally outgoing and extroverted.

You might make eye contact casually while walking past her or when hanging around her.

Oftentimes, you may not realize it quickly until she breaks the eye contact.

What to Do If You Keep Making Eye Contact With The Same Girl?

After realizing there’s some connection that’s causing you to make eye contact with a particular girl, knowing the best action to take can be quite tricky.

If you find yourself repeatedly making eye contact with the same girl and you sense you’re attracted to her, your best bet is to just approach her right away.

You might have thought of that already but probably worry she won’t show interest or even turn you down.

The thing about life is, you’ll face a lot of rejections, that’s for sure. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get accepted at all.

So, instead of bothering yourself trying to decode your feelings everyday, just approach her and try your luck.

When approaching her, don’t make it too formal, remember that she might already be a little freaked out by your constant eye contact.

Maintain a warm smile to ease things up a bit. Introduce yourself briefly if she don’t know you too well. Then, you can strike up a casual conversation with her.

Remember to keep it brief and take your leave as soon as possible for the first approach so as not to bore her up.

Keep up with her and who knows, you may soon take things to a whole new level with her.


Repeated eye contact with the same girl can be a sign of something deeper going on. Don’t jump to conclusion too quickly though.

If you find yourself in this situation, take some time to consider the possible reasons behind the eye contact and decide how you want to proceed.

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