Why Does It Hurt More to Be Kicked in The Balls By a Girl?

Among the several crazy habits which people, particularly young ones, practice amongst themselves, kicking of the balls is perhaps the most painful.

And these days, guys aren’t the only ones kicking the balls, girls seem to be at it even more actively.

Many girls who kick guys in the balls do so to inflict some pain on them either out of annoyance, revenge, or some so-called “fun”, as they’re aware it’s a painful spot for them.

As a guy, you must have received a few kick in your lifetime. Or perhaps a lot of it.

While some are nothing more than a slight dab on the balls with the knee or foot, one you can recover from in a matter of seconds, others turn out to be a fully swung kick that can pin a groaning you to the floor for a good number of minutes.

Whatever the manner in which the kick was delivered, many guys have observed one strange thing: It hurts more to be kicked in the balls by a girl than a fellow guy.

That’s a strange phenomenon for many guys. I mean, why would a girl’s gut-kick hurt more than a guy’s? Are they not all kicks delivered to the same spot?

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Definitely, there has to be more to a girl’s kick than meets the eye. Only then can it turn out more painful.

This article will point out two factors which contributes to the extra pain which comes with a girl’s kick to the balls.

Why Does It Hurt More to Be Kicked in The Balls By a Girl?

Various factors can contribute to the higher pain a girl’s kick to the balls brings about. Two major factors stand out: The force of the kick and the guy’s defense.

Let’s examine them both and see how this makes girls deliver pianful kicks to the balls.

The Force of The Kick

The force in which the kick is delivered is the most basic, yet powerful factor which determine how painful the impact would be.

At this point, you’re probably wondering, do girls kick harder than guys?

In general, maybe not. But when a guy’s balls is the target, it’s definitely harder.

You can guess why that happens. Girls tend to deliver stronger kicks to the balls than guys simply because they don’t know how it feels.

When watching a guy’s balls get kicked in movies or real life, it seems like some joke to many girls.

It’s no wonder you often hear them saying stuffs like, “He’s just being a big baby” while a guy rolls and groans in agony after getting his balls smashed.

Thus, when kicking a guy in the guts, they just swing the legs with full force without really caring about its effect on him.

Lack of knowledge and understanding of the pain which results from a kick to the balls is the main reason girls hit guys harder in the balls, resulting in a stronger pain on them.

The Guy’s Defense

The amount of defense a guy has on his balls will also affect how painful it would be when it gets hit.

This is particularly relevant when a guy gets the kick while struggling or fighting.

When a guy fights a fellow guy, he knows it would be a tough one. He is naturally alert of any incoming attacks to every part of his body including his ball region.

This enables him to be more reflexive and dodge any hit to that region more easily.

But what of with a girl?

Guys generally don’t engage in fights with girls, and even when they engage in any physical struggle with one, they’re more likely to be the dominant party.

And that’s the problem.

Guys lose their guards and will often not see the kick coming quick enough to at least try to evade it.

And remember the full force they put into the kick. The girl’s kick will not only be hard but also gain direct contact with the target element.

This makes it more painful to the guy who get kicked.


Getting kicked in the balls can be such a painful experience. When it comes from a girl, it hurts even more.

With the right knowledge of what makes a girl’s kick particularly hurtful, you’ll not only have an understanding of the strange phenomenon but also have a better chance of playing safe around girls and avoiding another kick anytime soon.

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