Why Would a Guy Stare Into Your Eyes When He Walks Past You?

When a guy shoots and maintain an eye contact while walking past you, it can send some chill down your spine, especially when you have no idea why he did that.

If you recently experienced this situation, you must be curious to know why a guy would just stare at you right in the eyes while walking past you.

This experience is a common one among many ladies. You must have seen it happen in a movie or even in reality with another person.

But oftentimes, it doesn’t seem really strange until it happens to you. Many things may then begin to go through your mind.

Why’s he staring at me this way? Is he passing a message non-verbally? What is he thinking about me? Does he likes me?

Before making any assumptions, which might just end up wrong, follow along as I outline some common reasons why a guy might stare into your eyes as he walks past you.

Why Would A Guy Stare Into Your Eyes When He Walks Past You

Though creepy and perplexing, receiving a stare from a guy as he walks past you can be an interesting experience, one that can teach you new things about him when you identify the motives behind the stare.

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Knowing why he chooses to lock eyes with you might even redefine your relationship with him.

Here are some common reasons a guy might stare into your eyes when he walks past you:

1. He is attracted to you

Attraction is one of the commonest reason why a guy might stare at a girl in the eyes.

When a guy is attracted to a girl, they tend to make eye contact with her, and oftentimes, they get so lost in admiration that their gaze linger.

The guy might have seen something attractive in you and thus, naturally looked at you as he walked past.

2. He may be drawing your attention to himself

Guys take different approaches to getting a girl to notice them.

If the guy doesn’t know you beforehand there’s a chance he has taken note of you and is silently crushing on you, and maybe even making plans to approach you.

He might not want to approach you straight up, perhaps due to a fear of giving a bad first impression.
Thus, he might resort to other less direct ways of getting you to notice him and this eye contact is one of them.

Once you’ve known he exists, he may then seek for an opportunity to strike a casual conversation with you or get closer to you.

3. He may be gazing inadvertently

Not every stare you receive from a guy is intentional or has a meaning behind it. He might have unintentionally made eye contact with you without any specific reason.

This often results when his attention isn’t full at that moment. He might just be gazing around his environment when you fell in his line of sight.

In such a case, he’ll most probably see nothing special about eye contact and forget it once it breaks like it never happened.

4. He might be shy to approach you

If the guy is a shy type, his eye contact might be caused by his shyness to approach you.

Some guys are shy by nature and may find it difficult to initiate a conversation with someone they’re not too familiar with.

Other guys may be confident to a reasonable degree but get shy when they approach a girl.

When such guy takes an interesting in you, he may tend to stare at you a way to express his interest in you for the time being.

Eventually though, he might eventually approach you once he’s more comfortable around you.

5. He might be testing the waters

Some guys, confident or not, would always prefer to play the safe route when it comes to approaching a girl.

They may take subtle actions including staring at a girl to test the waters with her to see if she reciprocate the interest.

Initiating eye contact while walking by is a common way of doing this.

If you maintain the eye contact as well, they may take it as an indication of your interest and decide to act further on another opportunity.


A multitude of reasons could make a guy stare at you when walking past you. The key to understanding his motives is to observe the specific situation in which it happens as well as his further actions.

This will help you better understand the experience and how best to handle it. Keep in mind that eye contact is a non-verbal method of communication and some guys use it a lot.

Thus, avoid getting overly irritated when a guy employs this approach with you. No matter how it may feel at times, eye contact still remains one of the most subtle, but yet effective method of convey ideas without a word.

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