Would a Guy Text You Everyday If He Wasn’t Interested?

Texting texting texting. That’s one thing which, no matter how much we do it, we never seems to get enough of it.

Except from the casual use of texting – that of sending messages and checking up on friends and old pals, texting also plays an important role in relationships and dating.

We use dating apps, social media platforms, and messaging apps to connect with our girlfriends and boyfriends and crushes an all. In fact, oftentimes, we do those type of chats more than the regular ones we do with family and friends.

This, if a guy begins to text you on a frequent basis, every single day, it’s only normal to suspect he might be interested in you, right?

Or perhaps, he’s just being friendly and getting to know you better. Let’s discuss this in this article.

Would a Guy Text You Everyday If He Wasn’t Interested?

He might. The fact is a guy may oray not be interested if he texts you everyday. But to be practical, there is a higher probability a guy likes you if he texts you everyday.

If a guy feels bored on a casual day, he might text a few friends, including female friends, but he’ll tend to be more regular in his chats with his fellow guys, as that’s more engaging.

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If he should text a girl out of boredom or to check up on her, without having interest, such chats will usually come in occasionally and would often be nothing more than a short conversation.

But when he takes the time to message you everyday, there’s a higher probability he’s interested in you and is trying to get to know you better or pass the message to you indirectly.

How Can You Tell If a Guy Who Texts You Everyday is Interested in You?

When a guy texts you everyday, you’re sure to have some curiosity as to whether he’s interested or not, and oftentimes, you can’t wait to find out.

But how can you do so? Here are some ways you can tell if a guy who texts you everyday is interested in you:

1. The texts are often long

A guy who is interested in you will not only text you regularly, he’ll also send long texts. Even when talking casually or relating a short experience, he’ll tend to go into detail, all with the aim of making the chat session as engaging as possible.

2. He’ll be trying to be humorous

Guys love to make girls laugh, especially girls they like. So when you sense he’s intentionally sending funny texts, that indicates he’s after your heart.

3. Look out for the emojis

The letters and punctuations aren’t the only things you should be observing, pay attention to the emojis attached to his texts. Guys tend to use these emojis – 😍πŸ₯°β˜ΊοΈβ€οΈ and other similar ones when texting girls they crush on. Thus, they can be a giveaway of his intentions.

4. He responds quickly

The time he takes you respond to your message also tells a lot about the probability of him being interested in you. If he is, he’ll typically really fast as soon as possible.


A guy texting you everyday is a common indication he’s interested in you though it may not always be the case.

By paying attention to his messages and looking out for any telltale signs between the lines of his texts, you can easily tell if he’s interested in you. I bet he is!

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